A week in links (Weekend tournament edition)

I wanted to write a long lengthy blog post on tournament directing and the pitfalls associated with it, but rather I'll just save that for after the weekend when I'm done helping out with our weekend tournament here.  The last time we held one, I was in charge for both games.  It wasn't too terribly difficult, but this time around I'll be running four tournaments. 

Needless to say, I won't be entering nany tournaments unfortunately.  Typically it's not a good idea to enter when you're the one helping out with brackets and what not — the inevitable lull will appear.

At any rate, enjoy this week's link roundup!  Last week there was a huge surge of people browsing over the weekend (possibly due to Evo 2009),  Is this my chance to shine!?  (no way lol)

Play Street Fighter IV Online but don't like the outfits?  Give this wiki a while — tons of unbelievably awesome outfits mods…and some that are a bit NSFW!

Harry Potter and the Japanese fangirl
Funny link from Japan Probe showing Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint being interviewed by a Japanese fan!

Gamasutra – Features – NPD: Behind the Numbers, June 2009
NPD numbers for the month of June.  This was probably the worst month for videogames since the recession started last year.  Worth a read.

Why Japan’s Smartphones Haven’t Gone Global – NYTimes.com
Seriously, why haven't they?  Japanese phones are pretty advanced for what they're worth!

Man sets world record for in-line skating down a rollercoaster | The Sun |News
In a word: Amazing.  Youtube vid here!

New space station toilet 'out of order' | The Space Shot – CNET News

Parajet SkyCar flying vehicle evolves, now ready for pre-orders
I remember back in the day when Back in the Future came out and flying cars were all the rage.  Where are they now?  Is this the new revolution that's about to sweep the U.S.?

Great trophy in Agarest Zero for hardcore gamers

K-ON! Extra Episode Green-Lit for 7th BD/DVD Volume – Anime News Network
Another case of Anime Studios (possibly?) withholding content for the DVD release.  Regardless, I'm gonna be watching it anyway I can!

The Power of The Unexpected
Title says it all.  Best video of the week, hands down!

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