Tougeki 2009 has just started and…

Kyabetsu and Gosho (Team KoF lol) win the Street Fighter IV 2-on-2 Super Battle Opera championship!  They won 2-1 against the Japanese National champ Iyo and his partner Shiro, and also defeated Mago (the current BP leader) and Nemo, the best Chun Li user in Japan.  Kyabetsu played C. Viper, and Gosho used Rufus.

Interesting to note, both Kyabetsu and Gosho are well known King of Fighter players — Kyabetsu has attented SBO in the past and won the championship in previous years.  Will this spur popularity for KoF XII in the future?  Too bad there's no King of Fighters in this year's line up…maybe that might've been the reason why they chose to enter Street Fighter this time around?

In other news, all of the foreign teams including the U.S. lost in their first rounds for Street Fighter IV.  It's pretty unfortunate, but there are still other chances in the other games, such as Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Guilty Gear: Accent Core, and BlazBlue.  Best wishes to all of them; I read a moment ago that Justin Wong pulled a difficult match in his first round.  Ouch.

Full Bracket:

Check Tougeki's twitter feed for live updates by the hour here.
Anno Haruka's blog can be found here.
English updates can be found on's SBO thread.

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