A week in links (Actress Again version)

Just had a few games with Melty Blood: Actress Again, and it's pretty fun!  Still feels like good old Act Cadenza, so it's safe to say that not much has changed with the game.  The only difference is that now there are different "Moons" you can select from that carry different subtle changes for each character.  

The great thing is that the PS2 only characters don't need to be unlocked so you don't have to labor through story mode to nab them.  There are unlockable characters though, so just be aware.

Pretty decent week for news compared to last.  From the PS3 slim announcement to various game news from GDC, there's something for everyone here!

PlayStation 3 now $299, slimmer version coming September 1st – Playstation.Blog
PS3 slim confirmed for the first week of September — already placed my order via Amazon!  Can't wait!

BlazBlue Coming To Europe In 2010 With New Characters – BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger – Kotaku
Aw man, those lucky Europeans!  Hopefully there's some DLC down the road for us pitiful Americans!

YouTube – BlazBlue – Useful Tactics #1: Super Flash Buffering
Pretty crazy advanced tactics — courtesy of Mike Z., russian Tager extraordinaire.

YouTube – Hey Alan,Alan, Alan, Alan,Alan,Alan…
Not to sure where the source is from, but from what I can tell those BBC folks must be immensely bored, lol

Miyazaki's Ponyo Opens at #9 with US$3.5 Million
Proof positive that Miyazaki movies are still credible

Offworld Gallery: The games factory, how Mario, Tetris, Sonic, Pong were made | Offworld
So THAT'S how they made those…ah, I see…

まにあっくすZ 平野綾がエンドレスエイトについてコメント 「もうやりたくない」「見てる方が大変だなと思った」
Hirano Aya talks about the Endless Eight debacle, and how the rest of cast felt about working on (essentially) the same episode eight times.

Mahou tsukai no yoru delayed to 2010
Type-Moon's new visual novel pushed back next year.  Was looking so forward to play Kinoko Nasu's latest masterpiece…

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