Arcana Heart 3’s new character revealed?

Wow, she looks pretty cool!  Kind of like a grown up version of Angelica, except with dark clothing and a gigantic black sword of sorts.  Her arcana looks equally fearsome!  It's a bit odd how Gottfried isn't exactly an "arcana", rather it's referred to as a Geist.  Not sure what this spells for the game, but it's interesting to see Examu taking a different twist for the new game!


Some more screens from the latest famitsu showed a bit more about the new game and the new character.  The official website has a splash page now, but unfortunately no content other than that.

I can't help but wonder what's going to become of the series.  Fighting games usually make a large paradigm shift with their third incarnation and it seems Examu is trying just that with their flagship title.  I suppose only time will tell how it pans out.

Famitsu scan #1
Famitsu scan #2
Famitsu scan #3

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