Updates on that mysterious new character

I spent some time this morning trying to translate the Japanese text to figure out what kind of character Tsubaki Yayoi will be in the upcoming BlazBlue sequel, and it seems that she's an aerial fighter.  Kind of makes sense with her bird motif and all.  But what really intrigues me is how she uses her new "install" drive.

Apparently on activation, it engulfs her in energy which increases the damage on her moves or perhaps changes the properties.  You can see the visual difference from the upper left corner and the bottom left corner.  Oh and, she also uses a "sword" of sorts (which I'm guessing is made out of feathers? lol).  This playstyle is really similar to I-No from the previous Guilty Gear, who was given a slew of aerial attacks that made her an excellent air-to-ground fighter.

Her background is also interesting.  After she graduated from Tsuchikan High School, she enlisted into the same military organization that Jin and Noel are a part of.  Her current mission is to assassinate Noel, which is the reason why she's in Kagutsuchi city.  She was trained a long time ago on how to fight, although it's unclear where or who she learned from.

Looks pretty solid.

In other news, on the Capcom blog they showcased a new fighter on the Capcom side for their upcoming new Tatsunoko vs Capcom series.  Guess who it is?

It’s freaking Frank West from Dead Rising!!

What the hell lol!

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