A week in links (Live blogging at Andy’s house Version)

So this week has been kinda lackluster, unfortunately.  I'm here at my buddeh's house watching people play games and blogging stuff, ahahaha.  Story of my life, eh? 

Good news for tourney fans though.  Seasons Beatings IV is taking place right now in Ohio, and the live stream is up and alive for all you kiddies who weren't able to travel to the big midwest.  I wished I had jumped on the bandwagon with the KC folks to drive up there, but I had already made previous plans for the weekend.  Good times, though.  The lucky people there will be able to watch Daigo vs Justin Wong at the main exhibition!

I'll keep this short and sweet, since I'm keeping people waiting (not to mention I want to take a look at that live feed and pray Melty Blood is hitting the stream).

PSP Go launch has become a nightmare for gamers, Sony – Ars Technica
This is one of the few cases where being an early adopter isn't really helpful.  Download, install, update, repeat…sounds like a nightmare.

Someday my room shall be added to this list.  Yeah right, lol

Blog…? What’s going on with that blog? | Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
A reader's first look at the Silent Hill attraction.  There's a video of the haunted house somewhere on youtube, but hopefully a better one will surface…

WiiリモコンにそっくりなPS3コントローラーが発売へ、モーションセンサーを搭載 – GIGAZINE
Is it me, or does the PS3's new motion controller resemble the Wii's…?

The Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott Is Dead – Left 4 Dead 2 – Kotaku
Dead boycott is dead

Totally The Bomb.com » Blog Archive » Charles in Charge of My Direct Messages?
Scott Baio, you're an asshole. 

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