Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion (a review)

It's been a week since Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion has been in my hands, and the wait has been somewhat worth it.  10 long months after T6:BR debuted in arcades all across Japan (and small pockets in North America), we finally get our localized version for the PS3 and Xbox60 consoles and it's wonderfully inept, pun intended.

The question I have right now is, "was it rushed?"  Most certainly not one would believe, but after playing Scenario Campaign mode and the much-anticipated Online mode, I was dismayed and bewildered.  Granted I don't play fighting games for the story so I didn't have any absurdedly high expectations for Scenario mode but Online mode?  What the hell happened here?

Nothing beats playing someone in person but I was hoping to at least be able to play some old Tekken friends over the online mode.  Unfortunately I couldn't even play my friend who lives in the same city as me due to horrible synching problems.  If I can handle playing Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV worldwide, why can't I enjoy Tekken in my own region?

You'd think Namco would have the capacity to at least incorporate some simple mechanics from the Nina Williams "Death by Degrees" spinoff for the Scenario Campaign mode, but noooo, lets keep that horribly awkward mechanic of confusing the analog stick inputs with the rocker pad, yeah!  No Namco, we don't need every single attack in the movelist; just one or two work just fine.  Oh hey, a targeting system.  Woot, thanks.

At least a patch is on the way.

Modes aside, Tekken 6 is the best incarnation of the franchise yet.  With a slew of new moves and gameplay tweaks abound, Tekken remains the undisputed king of balanced fighting.  Even the joke characters can stand their ground with a slew of much-needed attacks that round out their already impressive repetoire of shenanigans.  Namco probably also heard the fans decries of previous versions, and super nerfed the typically strongest characters in the game: the Mishima family.  They're just terrible to play now, albeit still unquestionably solid.

In short, tl;dr, buy the game if you're a hardcore Tekken fan.  Buy it if you enjoy 3D games and have a reasonable amount of friends to butt heads with.  Just don't buy it expecting anything too terribly philosophic.  Remember, masher and master are only a single letter apart.

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