Retro fighters: Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire

I'm kind of sad.  Sad because when I was a kid, I was pretty ignorant toward fighting games.  Masher tactics aside, my first entry into the fighting world wasn't very positive, as countless opponents mercilessly ravaged me.  That alone made me reluctant as a kid to try out other fighting games in our arcade until much, much later.

"Jackie Chan made a fighting game?"  I know right?  I totally thought the same thing.  Having really fugly graphics didn't help the game either.  It reminded me too much of another certain game with digitized sprites.

But I'm glad we sat down and played it.  This game is mad addicting.

For starters, the game echoes along the same lines as Street Fighter. In fact, nearly everything about this game is like a mix of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat!  That helps make it really easy to pick up and play. The only glaring difference is the speed at which this games plays at, which is really schizophrenic. 

Jumping is just awful in this game.  If you jump, you're just asking to get punished big time.  Dashing, however, is freaking fast!  Having a good ground game is incredibly important — in fact, having a strong ground game is the line that separates winning from losing.

Nine characters populate the roster.  Well, more like seven since Jackie has three different incarnations of himself: drunken master Jackie, spiritual kung fu Jackie, and emperor Jackie (lol).  All of the Jackies are different, and only a few members of the cast can actually hang with him.  Lau plays like a Ryu / Ken clone, Thorsten looks like a reject from Mortal Kombat, and Mysterious Lion is just cheap.  That dude is broke-tier.

Good luck finding this game if you want to play it; the only place I can think of that would even carry it sits in an arcade in Japan.  They had tournament matches last year at Mikado, so if you want to see what Fists of Fire looks like at blazing speeds, check those out. 

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