A week in links (Dazzling pure love version)

Love Exposure Trailer (with English subs)

So I've been on this movie hike the past week.  The Road came out last week, and I wasn't able to watch it, due to it's limited release nation-wide.  That made me sad.  So instead I watched Ninja Assassin.  I choked on my beer.  Why are ninjas able to speak English?  Is that what they're teaching them up there, hidden away?  Crazy…logic failed me as the movie dragged on.  I think I got some blood on my shirt, too.  Yeck.

Love Exposure looks really cool though.  Panty shot kung-fu?  Sign me up, sir! 

The movie sits at four hours, but compared to other reviews, four hours was very much time well-spent.  Some people even wished it was longer!  That's pretty positive, isn't it?  Now if I can only find a way to get my hands on it and write my own personal review…

30 Secrets Your Waiter Will Never Tell You | Secrets You Need to Know | Reader's Digest
I did not know this…if a waiter grabs your glass, you should always ask for a new one.  Who knows where their hands have been?  Brilliant!

GZbreath introduces…the WRIST PHONE
Holy crap, this phone is awesome!  I want it!

Eko: A Traffic Light Augmented by Progress Bars – information aesthetics
Another fantastic invention.  Do you think they'll have these on our roads someday?  It just makes so much sense!

Gangs in New York talk Twitter: Use tweets to trash-talk rivals, plan fights
Gangs of the future…they are crafty…

うたわれるもの: Arcana heart 3 one MORE new character
She looks suspiciously like Yoko from Gurren Lagann…oh wait, it's the same artist!  D'oh!

岩手産の国内銘柄鶏「五穀味鶏」を使ったクリスマス限定のケンタッキーフライドチキン「プレミアムセット」をいち早く食べてみた – GIGAZINE
Why doesn't our KFC have something like this!  A take-home, do-it-yourself chicken dinner!  It looks so delicious…

Video: Schoolgirl robot dances to J-pop song
That's not creepy.  Not in the slightest.

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