Moyashimon live action show coming next year!

Fans of the 2007 sleeper hit "Tales of Agriculture" (Moyashimon in Japanese) will be glad to know that a live action TV drama has been announced sometime next year.  The announcement was made on Kodansha's online web magazine "Evening".  No word on whether or not the story will remain true to the manga plot or on which actors and actresses have been announced for the roles, but they better put in those gosh-darn cute SD germs. 

The TV drama will appear on the popular late-night Noitamina slot and will be the first live-action show to do so. (By the way, Noitimina is "animation" spelled backwards.

So what would this show look like?  Well if you tuned in back in 2007, the opening sequence for the anime was done in live-action sequences, offering a glimpse of what could have happened had Moyashimon not been an animation work. 

High Quality] Moyashimon「もやしもん」 – OP

Even if the production staff decides to rewrite the series from scratch, the show definitely holds promise.  The anime ended prematurely, with only 11 broadcast shows compared to the usual 13 episode season.  Hopefully some more news will break in the coming weeks; we'll keep you updated!

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2 Responses to “Moyashimon live action show coming next year!”

  1. 1 Kimura December 12, 2009 at 3:55 am

    I've got a friend who just loves もやしもん! I'm so texting on this. Thanks for sharing this! (^O^)

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