Tekken 6: BR Nationals

First off, I need to apologize to the guy who claimed he watched the Tekken 6 Nationals over the weekend.  He was right.  They did happen over the weekend.  I was wrong about that.  However, I won't apologize for the claim he made about the top three players being Bob users.  That was flat out wrong.  Not only that, but he was being a total couch warrior about the matches, saying how boring they were to watch and uninteresting.

I hate couch warriors.

The top place finisher was an old schooler from the Tekken Tag days named ChetChetty, a really phenomenal Paul user.  Second place went to Mr. Naps, a very excellent Bryan user and Street Fighter player.  Third went to another Tekken Tag player (who coincidentally is a former National champ for the U.S.) named Insanelee.  He used Julia. 

Congratulations to all the placers.  Good luck in Japan guys; take home the world crown for the U.S.!

Youtube user Nyawu has a ton of match vids up from the event, which I'd recommend over the UFragTV stream.  The UFragTV stream has 10 hours worth of coverage, but there's no timestamps around to tell you what exactly you're looking at, if you happen to skip around a bit.

Here's a sample match vid between Antonio and JTChinoi, a super-impressive Xiaoyu player:

Tekken 6 National-GGL Semi Finals – Antoniooo (Julia Lars) vs jtchinoi (Ling Xiaoyu) (PS3 side)

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