Retro Fighters: Advanced Variable Geo 2

A while back, Phong introduced me to this weird 2D fighting game with women in it.  He said it plays like Street Fighter Alpha, with a little bit of Street Fighter IV in it.  I like Street Fighter, so we popped it in and played a few rounds. I didn't think much of the game at the time, but later that night, I found out what the game was based on.

A hentai game. 

Read a little bit about the story and you'll see what I mean: in the future, waitresses at various restaurant chains around Japan fight in a large tournament.  The winner receives a large cash prize of 10 billion yen, as well as the title "Virgin Goddess".  The loser, however, gets "humiliated" by either being stripped of their clothing or at worse, gang-raped. 

The playstation version doesn't have any of those humiliation scenes, so don't ask me about it.

Looking past the surface, the gameplay is really fun and iconic of traditional late 90's style fighters: combos, super meters, dashes, you name it.  It's not too terribly deep, although the combo system is fairly unique in this game.  It has a juggling mechanic similar to Tekken that really dishes out the damage.

Footsies are incredibly important in this game.  Some of the best characters can keep you outside of combo range with just their limbs alone.  Ayako for example has a light kick that can literally kick you half a screen away.

Super moves are also extremely good.  A successful super on hit will always do 50% life, changing the momentum of the game in an instant.  Tamao, for example, has a super fireball reminiscent of the Marvel vs Capcom series: she fires a humongous full-screen fireball that's unbelievably quick on start up!  Crazy cheap!

There's 12 characters available at the start, along with two extra "hidden bosses".  You have your traditional shotokan styled fighter in Yuka with fireballs and uppercut attacks; the combo friendly techno-raver Ayako; and the deliciously KoF inspired, sadistic-looking Kyoko.  Every character plays identical in some form or another with quarter-circle forward commands and the occasional charge back moves.  This makes for a somewhat dull lineup, but in the same breath puts the entire cast on the same page making for a somewhat balanced fighter.

It ain't broke if everybody has it!

All in all I would recommend this game for the retro enthusiast.  It's not an incredibly deep fighting game, nor is it too simplistic that you can't have fun with it.  Everybody should check it out once if they can.  Just ignore the wonky story plot and enjoy it for senseless mayhem!

[Advanced Variable Geo 2 match] Japanese casual

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