My new gig’s first article now up!

Man, I was so nervous about writing that first article for my new writing job, but now that it's done and over, I feel this strange sensation of relief.  It kinda stinks that I have to re-adjust my writing style and use third person all the way through, but them's the ropes I suppose.

It's fun though.

I'm only allowed to write one article for this week, and my manager has to approve of it before giving the green light for additional posts.  I don't think that'll happen until sometime next week, since New Year's Eve is tomorrow.

I spent the last two days researching more info about the company I work for now, and I'm a little worried about what I saw.  They never mentioned exactly how much I get paid per article, but there's tons of links out there on google about people going on and on about how wonderful it is to work for them and how they make hundreds of dollars hand over fist.

But there's also quite a few stories about how bad they are.  That makes me a bit wary.  At the very least though (looking at the bright side of things), it gives me more exposure out there.  Looks good on the resume, too.  Hopefully this works out well down the road.

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