A week in links (Happy New Year! version)

Happy New Years everyone!  Hope everyone out there had a fun and safe holiday.  Mine was…good?  To be honest I don't really remember, so I've been trying to gather the pieces leftover from last night. 

So the writing gig is underway.  I haven't written on it since last Wednesday, since New Years is here and all, but starting next week I'm going to try to pump out at least one article per day.  I might repost some of these blog posts here too, or link to them from here, or whatever it is I'm trying to say (lol).

Be safe out there everyone! 

Versus City » Blog Archive » Daigo’s Godsgarden Interview
Another interesting interview on the celebrity that is Daigo.   Anytime he speaks, the entire country listens lol

Galge.com – コミックマーケット77 企業ブース特集(C77)
Comiket 77 happened — here's a look at the vendor boothes and stuffs!

コミケ77 3日目 2ちゃんねる実況 まとめ:【2ch】ニュー速VIPブログ(`・ω・´)
And how do you prepare for comiket?  With a wallet stuff with money, that's how!  They must be holding a small fortune with them…hardcore.

Tuper Tario Tros.
What happens when you mix one part Tetris and one part Mario Bros.?  This game, that's what!

Street Fighter 4 one of the most pirated titles in 2009
Top five for PC, but number two on Xbox 360 — right under Call of Duty.

YouTube – Make A Crazy Gravity Soda Holda!

Canned Dogs » Blog Archive » Photos of mangaka studios
Pretty interesting.  Look at that wall of manga!

Hori Amazon Japan Exclusive RAP V3 SA! « SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource!
Just when the HRAP V3 comes out, another one is announced!?

Mameshiba 3 – Peanut [with English annotations]

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