A week in links (So many movies! version)

Aside from all this Super Street Fighter news that came out this week from CES, I've been trying my hand at this new doujin game that was released at Comiket 77 last month.  It's called Yatagarasu, and it plays kind of like Akatsuki Blitzkampf or even Advanced V.G. 2.  Dashing, parrying, supers, specials…it's all here.  Just not in a complete form.

Well whenever I'm able to get my hands on a copy, I'll post something more worthwhile.

In the meantime, there's only a few fighting games on the horizon this year.  Aside from the obvious, we still have Melty Blood: Actress Again Final Tuned, Arcana Heart 3, and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.  2010 looks a little lackluster for fighting game fans.

Space Battleship Yamato live action trailer
Now this movie looks pretty spiffy.  Lots of good live-action movies coming out from Japan this year!  Let's hope this trend continues to rise!

Kenka Bancho, The Badass Nationwide Dominating Movie – Kenka bancho – Kotaku
And THIS movie!  This movie just reeks of win all over it.  ALL OVER IT.

人気漫画 『君に届け』 実写映画化 : まにあっくすZ
Kimi ni Todoke gets a live action movie green light for 2010.  Woot!

Shoryuken » Blog Archive » Match of the Year 2009 Results!
Couldn't agree more lol

Hellforge | Forging a Passion for Video Games
For you L4D2 fans, some dedicated soul made a diagram of the strongest weapons in the game based purely on hit-per-hit ratios.  Really interesting read.

Understanding Windows 7's 'GodMode' | Beyond Binary – CNET News

This really works!  Makes me a little scared to get a Windows 7 OS now — if people can just make a folder and access sensitive data, what does that mean for security?

ついに最終巻、2年の沈黙を破る「フルメタル・パニック!」の新刊予定を作者が発表 – GIGAZINE
The Full Metal Panic light novel series finally reaches a climax with a new book in march!

Google's biggest announcement was not a phone, but a URL
This is big news, and here's why: ever wish you were able to buy a phone and avoid being locked into the company?  Well with Google's new nexus phone, YOU CAN.
The Third & The Seventh on Vimeo
Just watch it.  Just watch it.  Nuff said.

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