A week in links (crazy ads are crazy version)

Wow, what an incredible week for news!  There's so much stuff all over the place this week — it's great.  Gave me a lot of content to write about over on Examiner too, woohoo!

This pic though…seriously, 'nuff said.  It's only a drop in the ocean with the amount of links I've amassed on delicious this week.

…but!  It's been a great for week me.  One of the best of the new year, for sure.  The other day a few friends came over to play games and get ready for the KC tourney this Saturday, and my father (I love him to death) came down and gave the guys a beer and some food to eat.  I could tell he felt a little out of place watching all of us, since he's old and doesn't know much about electronics in general.  But it was so awesome! 

It's awesome because we both don't really talk to each other, so it made such a huge impact on me.  That was a pretty big step my dad took that night. Dads can be so cool sometimes…

世界各国のクリエイティビティの高い広告の投稿を集めた「Creative Ad Awards」 – GIGAZINE
Crazy ads?  Funny pictures?  Just another year in ads for these guys!

「YouTube VIDEO AWARDS JAPAN 2009」発表、アニメ部門は「フミコの告白」が入賞 – GIGAZINE
Oh hey!  I saw the first two videos some time ago, awesome!  The other videos were pretty nifty as well lol!

Lego Universe trailer looks unexpectedly thrilling
This is an MMO?  Those are in-game pics?  Holy crap!

CES in pictures: the good, the bad, the Elvis
Ars Technica shows you the little things that happened behind the curtains at CES 2010.  Pretty neat stuff!

Booth Babe Confessions – Booth babe confessions – Gizmodo
They smile for you, the flirt a little bit, but in the end they want to show you their company's products.  In a world where sex truly does sell, it's not too shocking to hear the dirty stories they have when attendees hit on them…

Airport Body Scanning – AVN Hot Topic – CNN iReport
Speaking of which, now that Europe has airport body scanners all over the place, ever wonder what pornstars think of it?

Mad Catz Wants to Take on Fight Stick King Hori in Japan – ces 10 – Kotaku
Mad Catz wanting a piece of Hori's marketshare in Japan eh?  Good luck with that, guys.  Hopefully you don't mess up your sticks like you did last year when it first came out.

K-on! figmas?  Where's Mio, Mugi and Ricchan!!

Google and China: the attacks and their aftermath

Looks like Google is going back to uncensoring search results, and China isn't too happy about it.  At this rate, Google might leave China indefinitely.  Not to mention the number one search engine in China got hacked this week as well…

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