Seth Killian talks shop on Tatsunoko vs Capcom (with Destructoid)

I love how the interviewer instantly calls out Seth on Zero.  That was a nice catch.  This man knows his stuff!  A rarity these days, indeed. 

Overall a very good set of questions.  Online disconnecters who rage quit during ranked matches get placed into their own form of "online hell" by getting flagged, then joined up with other rage quitters.  That is AWESOME.  Plus there was an excellent question about XBox 360 / PS3 fans who don't have a Wii, and why they should consider buying TvC.  Seth does a bit of PR spin, but answers it like a pro.

It's weird though.  Despite talks of more fighting games coming down the pipe from Capcom, won't this title be in direct competition with the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV?  It won't be, at least for three months anyway until it comes out.  Lots of time to find out new stuff during then.

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