A week in links (Time to gear up for EVO 2010 version)

The poll's over!  Melty Blood wins

Man I'm so happy that it won.  The community has been really pushing forward, trying to create as much hype as possible.  Melty Blood (MBAA) is a really great game — you should try it!  Personally, I've been trying to contribute my share as well, by spreading word about the game to new players, posting info on to the mizuumi.net wiki, and chipping in regularly on SRK and Melty Bread forums.

I had this bet that if MBAA had won, I was going to save up for EVO.  Looks like I gotta start saving up that cheddar now.  It's gonna be hype, I just know it!

Pretty good batch of links last week.  The news was a little slow at times, but overall lotsa good stuff to check out!

Conan O'Brien Cheetos portrait. [VIDEO]
Even though you're not around on late night TV anymore, you'll always have a place in our hearts Conan!

Romance With Disabled Girls: How (And Maybe Why) An Unusual Video Game Came To Be – Katawa shoujo – Kotaku
This was a really interesting read.  4ch users band together to create a very well written and beautiful visual novel / dating sim about…disabled girls.  At first I was a little trepid, but Leigh Alexander made a pretty good case for the game.  It's free to download too!

Exclusive: Laeta Kalogridis Talks Ghost in the Shell Movie & More – MoviesOnline
Originally I intended to write a brief story on this, but I'll forego that and just link the article here.  To be honest, there really isn't a whole lot of info divulged in the article, mostly just talk about the series in general.

Sony's Tester: mixing worst of reality shows with worse job
Pretty damning article, I'd say.  But after seeing the promo for it…it really DOES look kind of awful.  There's just too many bad factors in play.

The Escapist : Forums : The News Room : Namco Posts $342m Loss, Cuts Over 600 Jobs
That is really scary news.  Tekken Tag Tournament 2 might not be a reality, or any future Tekken titles for that matter!

www.glennz.com Tee Designs on the Behance Network
Those are some nifty graphics!

Digital Rights and Wrongs: The state of DRM | SavyGamer
Really smart article about DRM and how companies work around it to ensure future profits.  Some of the reasoning sounds solid, however I'm not too sure if it'll really curb piracy without hurting users who go legit and buy it.

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