Street Fighter III characters confirmed!

(hat tip to Cuong for providing the link; thanks bud!)

I tried to translate the Japanese but since the articles are so blurry and low res, I'll just have to go by the big subtitles underneath a few of the pictures.  In a nutshell, all three characters retained all of their Super Art moves from Street Fighter III, with one of them being their Super Move instead of an Ultra Combo.

Here's a quick rundown of what they each get:


  • Rolling Thunder and Corkscrew Blow are his two Ultra Combo options
  • Rocket Upper is his Super Move


  • Kasumi Suzaku and Yoroi Doushi are her two Ultra Combo options
  • Her Super Move doesn't appear to be Yami Shigure, but something entirely new


  • Seichusen Godanzuki and Abare Tosanami are her two Ultra Combo options
  • Tandan Reiki is her Super Move (which is a little strange, but it looks like there's more to it at first glance)

Dudley still looks strong, and everyone still appears to play the same, minus the new additions to the gameplay mechanic.  I'm iffy on Makoto because of her new Super Move, but as with all things time will tell if they still play top-notch.

Ibuki was pretty bad in SFIII, but maybe Capcom will bring something to the table for her in SSFIV!

Now there's only one character that hasn't been announced yet…

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  1. 1 Forooghi February 17, 2010 at 1:44 am

    Hi Dear,Your blog is great!!

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