2010 AMV Awards Winners Announced

Every once in a while I'll check up on animemusicvideos.org to see what the latest winners are, and this year's batch is pretty good.  Not quite as good as the years before it (in my personal opinion), but still quite good nonetheless.  Hey, it's not like I could do any better!  Just sayin'…

I personally admire a lot of Nostromo's work; it's artsy-fartsy with really catchy music that captures that other-worldly vibe in it.  I like the amount of research they put into finding those breathtaking clips for the videos too — I'd rather vote for a video that was made with the source in mind, and not so much videos that plug in their own artwork from something like CS4 or whatever. 

Takes away from the spirit of an AMV, I think.  But perhaps you should compare them instead, instead of listening to an old curmudgeon talk about it.

2009 Video of the Year: Nostromo – "Auriga"

Nostromo – Auriga

2010 Video of the Year: Qwaqa – "Ian Fleming's Property of a Lady"

qwaqa – Ian Fleming’s Property of a Lady

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