A week in links (Current Code version)

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code

The new version of Melty Blood: Actress Again finally got debuted at the AOU show over the weekend, and it's looking good.  Not too terribly different from the console version, except for a few graphical changes and the inclusion of console-exclusive characters (like Ryougi Shiki, for example).  The super bar looks something reminiscent of Alpha 3, and whenever heat is activated a cool "heatwave" effect turns on. 

King of Fighters XIII was supposed to be announced too, according to Oichi over at versuscity.net, but unfortunately nothing came out.  I'm pretty eager to hear / see what SNK Playmore has in store, after the abomination of game the previous one was…

【PS3】バレンタインも休まず活動、『Home』アイマス親衛隊! : はちま起稿
This is hands down, the most weirdest thing I've ever seen.  I can't even fathom the amount of effort this took (lol).

Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 7 Series hotness
This is seriously hawt!

The World's Greatest Second Life Troll – Second Life – Kotaku
Ralph pls go.  No.

Please Rob Me
Please.  (note to self: never ever twitter about leaving the house before a vacation)

Official explanation of controversial Assassin's Creed 2 DRM
I don't like what's going on here…

Integrating translation into Google Goggles – Google Translate Blog
Was going to blog this later (and still will), because this is pretty damn awesome.  Although at the same time, I'm a little worried with the amount of headway google is making in just about everything — however that doesn't deny the fact that this is app is going to be pretty big!

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