“I love my daughters, they are so pretty!”

Super Street Fighter 4 Trailer – Hakan Unveiled – 10/03/10

Seriously, this video speaks for itself.  Wtfness just everywhere…
So many of you know by now (due to this late, late update) that Hakan is now the last character in Super Street Fighter IV.  Boy oh boy is he a character.
The man has seven kids and a beautiful wife (?), and uses oil to fight.  Not oil like the kind that makes your car go vroom vroom, but oil as in body oil. Lotion, if you will.
He is hands down the most undisputedly weirdest character ever created by Capcom.  Ever.  No word on tier status and the like, but his moveset is…you guessed it, like a grappler.  With oil.
Jokes aside, this guy seems to be the perfect troll character.  Even his demeanor will make your face twist and your eyeballs pop out of their sockets.  He seems to have the best anti-air ultra of all — a stationary counter move that will activate by merely touching it.   Unless you’re capable of changing your trajectory in midair, chances are people will be landing on top of it quite a bit.

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