Blast from the past!

I was bumming around on youtube for some new music (since I'm out of the loop on good music) on some message boards when I ran into this song again.  Really takes me back, hahaha!  I think I still have this song in my stack of CDs somewhere around the house.  My ex-girlfriend introduced me to this funny bubblegum rap group called East End x Yuri, which was around 2001 or so.

She said that the day I understood the lyrics is the day I've officially grasped Japanese as a language (which is kinda true lol). 

I wonder if they're still around?  I haven't checked up on them since then, so I've no clue.  There's no wiki on them either too.  Damn shame.  I hear they're the inspiration for HALCALI, who I've recently started to follow.  I can't help but get caught up in it — it's so catchy! 

Now if I can find some more music to add to my playlist…

East End x Yuri – DA YO NE

I also saw a Kansai version of DA YO NE called SO YA NA (lol) on youtube.  It's shot in this old school 90's MTV style and sports the same, identical lyrics…but in kansai-ben.  So hilarious!  It sounds so alien to me, can't make heads or tails of it at times!  So gaudy (lol)

West End x Yuki – SO YA NA


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