A week in links (elated weekend tourney version)

Finally, War Games is now wrapped up.  Phew.  Thanks to the horrendous weather that appeared less than 24 hours before our event started, the turn out dwindled down to 25 entrants.  KC took about four hours to get down in a trip that normally spans two hours — big props to them for showing up!

A lot of shit went down during the tournament (excuse my language).  I hate it when people make promises, and then proceed to break out of said promise out of their own selfishness.  I won't mention names but holy shit man, when you say something, man up.  If you have a problem with the results that you agreed with, then speak up and say something to me.  Don't make excuses.

Anyway.  The swiss style format was much more easier to run than I thought, and ran excellently.  Sadly, our turnout was low (since it's a relatively minor game in our area), but if we could do that with something more popular like…Street Fighter…it might turn out pretty damn good.  There might be a future for it!

Shoryuken – How to make an SF4 character into an SF3 styled sprite
This is just supremely hot.  If there are any talented sprite artists who want to take a crack at making their own game, this is a very easy tutorial on how to copypasta some cool SF3 style pixels!

asahi.com(朝日新聞社):Railways hope 'maids' attract riders – English
I-I…I would ride this train..

PS3『龍が如く4 伝説を継ぐもの』、平野綾が声を当てた「花」がビックリするほどピザな件 : はちま起稿
Hirano Aya is a beautiful girl, but man is her model…different.  I thought they made them based on real life people?

Mari Yamazaki's Thermae Romae Wins Manga Taisho Award (Updated) – Anime News Network
Time to check out a new manga! 

King of Fighters XIII Location Test Kicks Off Next Week (andriasang.com blog, 03.18.2010)
There should be info up right now, according to this news report.  KoF XIII, let's goooooo

『BLACK LAGOON(ブラックラグーン)』第3期のOVAが7月17日に発売:最新アニメ情報
New OVA coming out this July!  I'm so excited; I love this show!

The funniest game dub of all time lol

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