Some random anime news

Quite a bit of stuff to wade through this week (and from last, too) so please bear with me.  Oh and, that screenshot above is from the Fate / Stay Night movie…I'll be posting them at random because they're oh-so-beautiful (lol).

The biggest pieces of news that hit this week is the announcement of a Hollywood production of Bleach.  Yes, that Bleach.  Warner Bros. Studios seems intent on delivering a gigantic mashout of anime films ranging from Akira, Death Note, and Ninja Scroll, so it's kind of no surprise that they'd want to add Bleach to their burgeoning resume.  Peter Segal is producing the adaptation, however (thankfully) he's not aiming to direct it.


In other news, Maple Story is getting a Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime tie-in.  Sadly it's only available in Japan, so all of you Western fans won't be able to access it…yet.  It looks pretty neat too.  Personally I'm not surprised, seeing as how Rukia's and Hitsugaya's hairstyles were available (both are characters from Bleach) a few years back.


Popular anime review and blog site Random Curiosity is retiring this month.  Another mirror site is up already, but until the main site goes down the comments are disabled.  This is one of my favorite anime blog sites around, as they host a ton of awesome screenshots which helped me keep up with shows that I've forgotten.  I grew fond of the objective summaries, as I despise anime fanboys who just can't help adding in their "opinions" and snide comments.


Finally, there's this:

…apparently it's from the OVA, and I can't even fathom what's going on.  Or rather I don't think I should, but damn this movie looks GREAT!  (I'm a saber fan if you didn't know)  The OVA goes out on sale sometime this summer.  No idea on the status of the second OVA yet.

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