A week in links (Free music! version)

Something big must've been goin' down yesterday!  Apparently there was some kind of art / music gathering on the second floor above us, and this van was parked outside trying to get people to go in.  They even gave me some free music!  The dude in the glasses gave me a free 1 gig USB stick and let me go crazy and download whatever I wanted on the monitor.  I asked him what kind of music was good, but he didn't know (lol).

I snagged about five different albums.  Luckily there wasn't a line behind me, heh heh.  I think most people were inside getting their drink

Speaking of inside, on the second floor there was some kind of film event or something.  I remember being inside here before during the Tallgrass film festival, but I hadn't heard anything about it at all. 

It sucked that I had to work that day, otherwise I would've spent the entire night in there!  Lot of cute hipster girls waltzing around inside (sadface).  Free booze too, I think!  Oh well, at least I got some free music and a neato screen cleaner out of the whole deal.

They'll be going on for quite a while, so I might check it out later in the week.

Some pretty cool news broke out near the end of the week.  Lotsa stuff — there's something for everybody here!

This has become my new homepage.  Sorry google!  Maybe if you had a badass intro like this site does, I might add you again…

Innovative SpyParty Is Ultimate Mind Game | GameLife | Wired.com
Sounds like it's for Xbox Live only at the moment, but if it ever came out on PSN I'd definitely buy it.  Sounds like the perfect timesink!

YouTube – Bill Murray Bartending at Shangri-La during SXSW 2010
The story goes something like this — guy goes into bar, orders a drink.  Bill Murray pops up.  Regardless of whatever the order was, he always serves tequila, lol.  I'm surprised he didn't give some Suntory whiskey instead!

This Will Blow You Away. Sneak Peek at The New Photoshop.
The new photoshop — shopping your photo while you shop your photo.  No experience necessary.

Fake Game Installer Punishes Pirates Via Epic Privacy Breach | TorrentFreak
For those of you considering to go out and torrent the new (and really awful) Overflow eroge Cross Days, don't.  This article here will tell you why.

This sounds incredibly good.  Just hope 3D doesn't kill it, like the virtualboy did in the past…

A Blog post from MagoPizza
Mago, 2D fighting god of Street Fighter IV and various other titles, wrote this hilarious blog post on his blog page.  (Translation by Fubarduck).  Must read!

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