April Fools day in Japan is just out of control now

I love April Fools day when it comes around every year.  I'm sure tons of people in Japan do too, as the event keeps growing and growing each year.  But this year, it's too much.  Way too much.

How do I know it's too much?  Well if you happen to stumble upon Gigazine's round up of all the Japanese companies who are participating in the event, they have this GIANT-ASS WALL OF TEXT.  I'm talking hundreds of events internet web companies, game studios, anime shows — you name it — a ton of them compiled onto the net in one day, then disappearing within 24 hours.

It's so ridiculous.  As much as I enjoy the tiny pranks web companies pull around this time of year, this is truly a spectacle in itself now.  It's great.  But it's such a headache to cull funny stories from now — painful yet oh-so-addictive.  The amount of work they put in for just one day is really incredible.

I love you Japan.

By the way you can add Sion Eltnam Atlasia on twitter.  "She" posted a ton of tweets in the span of one day, claiming to be at some net cafe (lol).  Sadly Saber's twitter page went down…I didn't get a chance to follow her (sob).

My personal favorite April Fools was the one posted by the Virtua Fighter team:

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown!

The Fate / Stay Night mockup wasn't too shabby either, but this one was just funny because of all the Street Fighter parodies!  BlazBlue vs Arcana Heart was also pretty damn funny, but it's down already.  And this one wins too (shame on you if you don't get the gag)!

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