No week in links tomorrow

Sorry guys.  Dunno how many people actually look forward to that Saturday post, but I'm going out of town tonight for an out of state tournament so I won't be near my computer.

I've been on a bit of a hiatus as of late, so I don't really even have a whole lot of links stored up.  Feel free to check it out though.  Just clicky on the "delicious" bookmark link underneath the profile shot on the left.

Random thoughts: I decided to pick up the P90X workout thing I've been hearing so much about it.  It sounds pretty legit.  I'm worried about being able to stick with it for a year, but since I'm already pretty skinny it shouldn't take too long to tone up.  My friend Hung made up a diet regimen for me as well as a workout schedule routine, so all I have to do is pick up weights and stock up on water.

Not sure how the "six portions a day" thing works out though.  And I'm a little worried about drinking just water for a year straight.  Am I going to die of water overdose?  Is that even possible? (lol)

Anyway, I hope this tourney thing works out tomorrow.  Can't wait to see some old faces again!

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