Extravaganza 14 picture spam

It's been over nine years since I've last seen these two.  Nine!  So long that, as a matter of fact on Saturday morning (a few hours before the tournament started) whilst walking around taking random pictures of the hotel lobby, I noticed a tall white dude in sweats zip past me.  I only caught a small glimpse of the guy before he started to turn the corner, and then without even thinking I yelled out, "Tyson!" 

The big tall guy immediately stopped midstride, turned around slowly, and gave me the most confused, puzzled look ever.  "Peter?!" he yelled. 

What a weird way to bump into someone after nine years, I chuckled later.

But Tyson was cool about it.  A little hungover, but extremely gracious.  We had a nice chat about random stuff until he had to run off again, but I'll never forget the look on his face that day (lol).  It certainly set the mood for the rest of the night!  (By the way when I met Steph again it was much more normal, heh heh.)

I took a lot of pictures of the whole event.  Click on the images for more info! Enjoy!

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