So Lawson and Pixiv had a contest…

The moment I laid eyes on this submission, I knew I had to do something with it.  I just knew it.  The eyes…the lips… the unwavering gaze with the head cocked back in defiance…it was undeniable.  Five minutes later (with watery red eyes and tears streaming down my face), I made this:

I can hear my friend Kyle's voice just echoing through the screen lol…I'm sorry, I can't help it!  I have a warped sense of humor, what can I say!?

Oh and, this was probably the best submission I'd ever seen (hope it wins, too).  That "circle" that her eyes are a part is supposed to be her hair, but some Japanese artist with a lot of free time and bigger sense of humor than I have made this abomi– I mean extremely handsome caricature that's already captured like…2,300 fan favorites.  That'd be so funny if it actually won, Lawson would get trolled hard (lol)!


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