Working!!: A Review

Working!! is currently in it's first season run, and because it's on my to-watch list, I had to check out the manga.

I'm so glad I did.

The manga is incredibly funny.  The 4koma just captures the humor so perfectly — much better than the anime does.  There's been other shows based off of 4koma mangas, and they never quite seem to get that comedic timing down.  It's always slowed down or drawn out, which in turn kills the punchline.  Thankfully for us, Working!! has an excellent writer behind the scenes, so the jokes do all the magic.

Working!! has the most unique and outlandish cast of characters I've ever seen (for seinen-type mangas).  A girl who walks around with a katana at work?  A chef who blackmails his co-workers into doing menial tasks for him? They all seem so dysfunctional that when you throw them together in a manga like this, it just somehow…works (pardon the pun).  It definitely sets up a lot of jokes.

By far my most favorite character is Mahiru (above).  She has androphobia — a sickness so strong that when men approach her she punches them.  Sota, the main protagonist, is often the quick victim when she appears, much to his chagrin.  But what's even funnier is Mahiru's relationship to Hiroomi Soma, the scheming, blackmailing cook.

Seven volumes have been released since it's debut in 2005, and three drama CDs have also been printed.  There's something good here, and I hope it keeps working for them (pun intended).  I also suggest following the anime, but if you really want to get a taste of Working!!, check out the manga!

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