A week in links (Boxtown version)

What a crazy weekend!  I went out of town Friday to go visit an old friend that I hadn't seen in nearly six years or so and then had to drive back on Saturday so I wouldn't miss work.  That lead to an extremely exhausting night, of which I immediately collapsed upon as soon as I reached home.

It was good though.  JD was an old friend during the Tekken Tag days, so we've known each other for nearly 10 years or so.  Good guy too.  He doesn't really play many fighting games anymore, but he's still widely recognized as the most talented player in Tulsa, if not the entire state of Oklahoma. 

I didn't get a chance to write up the usual Saturday post, and for that I apologize.  If anything, I always try to churn it out on a weekend before the new week starts.  I don't know about everyone else, but I've always kinda felt that the week starts on Monday.

Anyway, enjoy the links.


YouTube – SF4 Koryu: The Revenge
Rainbow Edition meets Street Fighter IV?  What the hell! lol

YouTube – White Women's Workout.
This was incredibly funny.  Expect a new workout sensation that'll sweep the nation! 

Decentralize the web with Diaspora — Kickstarter
As soon as this starts up, I'm going to sign up immediately.  Facebook, despite it's surge in growth, has started some kind of Nazi / Totalitarianism state within it's "walled" gardens that recently made Leo Laporte quit.  I'm also trying to move away from it as well.

Japan's Twitter Ranking, April 2010: K-On, Precure, More – Anime News Network
In Japan, Twitter is making a remarkable turnabout in free speech.  Here's there top-mosted tweeted tweets, according to ANN.

Life-Size Evangelion Bust Built at Foot of Mt. Fuji – Anime News Network
Of course, not to be left behind — another crazy 1:1 scale robot is going to grace Japan's most beloved landmark.  Can't wait to see how it looks like!

And what was big news in the otaku arena last week?  Nene, one of the more mature heroines from Love Plus, has an interesting line where she says she got "wet", spurning tons of fans to cause chaos and mayhem in their homes (or online, like this post).

アドアーズの前10年3月期業績は減収減益 2010/05/13(木) 06:53:34 [サーチナ]
Japanese arcades are actually doing well in Japan.  Lots of growth (probably in thanks to the latest reinvigoration of titles in the market) all over the sector, with only a few reporting losses.

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