A week in links (movin’ on up version)

Good times feel like they're coming around, finally.  I got a few job offers online, with one being an overseas position in Japan and another being a more secure government position here locally.  It's a nice refreshing pace, considering that all the jobs I've had up to now have been fleeting.  I'd like to get a stable income and start saving up for more important things.

However the case, a lot of friends around here have been making a lot of great strides.  We don't play games together as much as we used to, but that's probably due to the fact that we've all been growing up, more or less.  But I spose that's just inevitable, eh?

At any rate, I'll continue to post as much fighting game-related content as much as I can.  Enjoy the week's links!

Never really thought about the level design in Super Mario, but this guy does a really bang-up job of explaining stage elements in the classic game.  Interresting and nformative too!

My Art Shame: The Made-Up Movie They Tried To BAN!
This movie is crazy! lol

外国人制作の全ヒロイン障害者のギャルゲ 『かたわ少女』 、 日本語に対応し新たにリリース:【2ch】ニュー速VIPブログ(`・ω・´)
Japanese 2ch netizens react to katawa shoujo, the eroge dougin novel created by 4chan

YouTube – Justice League Task Force Review
I had no idea the SNES game was THIS bad…wow.

Open Letter to the Game Publishers: Stop Raping Gamers’ Wallets! | Techi.com
Great article about the rising costs of games and how it's detrimental to the industry and the economy at large.

Ninjas rescue student from muggers | Herald Sun
Oh shit son!!

The Truth Behind Ronald McDonald | Top Cultured
Wooooow lolol too crazy!

YouTube – Kung Fu Bear (BEST FOOTAGE!)
Title says it all folks!  You gotta check this out!!

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