Where I’ve been the last week

I've been busy.  Census work wrapped up nicely last week, so I had a ton of free time to pursue a bunch of things I've been planning on doing (that and also playing a ton of Tekken 6).

I have a website now!  My friend Meico has been helping me shape it together, and it was only recently that it got completed.  There's still a few bugs to work out, but all in all it's mostly done and lacking content.  I'm not about to throw it out in the open just yet, but when the time comes, I will.

Am I going to continue using Vox?  I don't know.  I kinda like it here, but days go by where I keep feeling that I need my own website just to be taken more seriously.  I know that a lot of stuff I post here are just musings and not completely "A+" journalistic quality (air quotes and everything), but no one's waiting for me.  I have to move on out and climb up just to separate myself from the pack.


When it finally all ends, I'll be sure to let you know.  Probably something like those typical "we've moved!" kinda posts where it'll redirect toward another URL (lol).  All of the neighbors here will definitely get a hat tip from me also; there's too many awesome bloggers here worth checking out. 

Actually, people should be checking them out now.  Seriously, go check 'em out now!  So much more stuff to do…

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2 Responses to “Where I’ve been the last week”

  1. 1 Hangaku Gozen June 4, 2010 at 12:26 am

    Yeah, don't disappear on us without at least leaving a linky-loo! I know what you mean by having a professional-quality blog (been thinking about that myself), but I love it when my Vox neighbors leave a comment, even a snarky one, heh.

  2. 2 patapete June 4, 2010 at 3:10 am

    I could never be a stranger to old neighbors!

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