A week in links (We’ve moved! version)

Well here it is…my last post here at vox. 

It's been a fun three years here.  I'm a little shocked at how much time has passed since then, but it was a wild ride.  At the beginning I didn't know where I was heading with this blog, and truth be told I was just doing it on a whim at a friend's request.  Thinking back now, I really owe him for giving me that initial push.

My new website is called digitalpugilist.com.  I got the idea for the name after hearing the term "digital pugilism" on another website.  The phrase really stuck with me, and a few days later I did a domain name search that pulled up nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Seeing an opportunity, I quickly bought the domain name and now…here we are. 

The site itself is pretty straightforward.  It's still (more or less) the same thing here; a blog style format with a couple of nerdy posts and what-not sprinkled everywhere.  It's still new, so hopefully as time goes by it'll grow into something better.

I'll still come vist vox, though.  There's a lot of cool people around here.  I highly recommend checking out their blogs, especially people like (in no particular order):

fumi25Really cool blog that links a lot of nico videos!
Hangaku GozenAnother blog by a Japanese lady living here in the states.  Always has something important to say!
Lauren I was impressed with her layout design, but she also writes about really interesting things as well.
KimuraThis guy has the funniest stuff on his website.  His "quote of the week" posts are real pearls of wisdom, too.
M—–I I think he's the most popular dude on vox.  I love his clever and quirky written posts!
Ross If anybody inspired me the most, it's this guy.  His tech-based posts are very insightful and extremely useful!
IvysgrandkidThis dude is the next best thing, mark my words. One of the best photo-blogs on vox.
Lonely Bob I've never seen a more consistent blog than this guy's. He really loves thai food!
Workaholic HostessI love this blog — I even had the fortune to meet her, and she's super cool. An awesome blog!
Kyoto ObserverOne of the first neighbors I've ever had — he always has something important to say.

Thanks everybody for being (and staying) my neighbor.  Apologies to anyone I might've missed — you guys are awesome too.  And thanks to everyone who dropped by here too!  Without you guys I wouldn't have found the courage to start a website. 

Thank you everyone!  See you on the flip-side!


Coming this fall: 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die
1000 and one video games?  That's quite a tall order…

Jim's Pancakes
Absolutely badass blog about a guy who cooks pancakes in a variety of funny and clever ways for his daughter every day.  With videos, too!

YouTube – 【マリオ64実況】奴が来る Part 3 (Second half) – Super Mario 64 Challenge
Funny video where a bunch of Japanese guys take on a challenge — avoid the 1up mushroom at all costs.

WTF is HTML5 (Infographic)
Looks like Firefox is the most prepared, with Chrome following and Internet Explorer just blissfully unaware.

U.S., Japanese Publishers Unite Against Manga Scan Sites (Updated) – Anime News Network
Probably the biggest news this week (outside of the World Cup starting).  Scanlation sites are going to be in a world of hurt very, very soon.

OpenManga – the future of Scanlations and Online Manga – News
However hope is not lost.  Something very new and very big is coming on the horizon — get hyped!

Treated Like Royalty « A Face Made for Radio: Helen McCarthy's Blog
Really awesome blog post about scanlations and the debacle between fan groups and publishers.  Really great read; highly recommended.

Super Mario Killed by BP! | Walyou
That's just sad 😦

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6 Responses to “A week in links (We’ve moved! version)”

  1. 1 M-----l June 12, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    There are only about seven guys left on Vox, so being the most popular isn't that much of a feat. Still, I appreciate that you included me in your list of recommended Voxers. Thanks and best of luck with your new site!

  2. 2 Workaholic Hostess June 12, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    Oh man, you're leaving! I feel like everybody's leaving.Good luck with your new direction v(^_^)v stay in touch!

  3. 3 Hangaku Gozen June 12, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    Waaah! We'll miss you here! But I'll make sure I'll follow you at your new website, provided you occasionally cover samurai/swordfighting games as well. 😀

  4. 4 patapete June 14, 2010 at 12:59 am

    Thank you! I really appreciate it!

  5. 5 patapete June 14, 2010 at 1:00 am

    Definitely! If I ever make it to Japan again, I'll be sure to send a hello!

  6. 6 patapete June 14, 2010 at 1:01 am

    Samurai and Sword Fighting games huh? I'll be on the lookout just for you! :)Take care of yourself!

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