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A week in links (weekend pugilist version)

This summer is shaping up to be one of the biggest video game tournaments ever.  There's a lot of big majors going on soon, like Devastation, Evolution 2010, and the Electronic Sports World Cup.  I keep hoping as time goes by that fighting games will finally break through and be considered a real "sport"; a sport in the sense that two atheletes go head to head in a battle of wits and guts.

Just with controllers.

I mean, POKER is considered a "sport" (yeah right).  You don't see physically fit doods mashing it up there, do you?  And I don't mean to demean poker, as it is a relatively fun hobby, but there's so many random luck factors that just don't exist in fighting games, to be perfectly honest.  If anything, if you want to compare fighting games to another sport with random factors, you might as well add boxing to that list.

But anyway, I digress.  Evo is coming in less than a month, and it's about time to start kicking training mode in high gear.  There's still lots more to work on!


YouTube – Wow Thanks Capcom/Madcatz
Flowchart Ken spotted in the wild — now with crazy inputs too!

いまかよ!?ポルノ鈴木のEVO2007_第三部 _2/2‐ニコニコ動画(9)
Keep your eye out for the crazy desktop joystick!

s-kill > Blog > Dancing with the Stars, Street Fighter-Style
Reminds me of those old Tekken videos where they had two people doing crazy stuff in tandem a la this vid.  Cool stuff though, check it out!

is kotaku publishing porn today?
Best. Site. Ever.

the memory span of rats
This is so cute! lol

The RIAA? Amateurs. Here's how you sue 14,000+ P2P users
In short: don't torrent indie flicks.  The chance of you getting a lawsuit is threefold compared to 2005, the highest year on record for copyrighted lawsuits.

Robo Dance Wars « Robot War Espresso
Title says it all.

YouTube – Tekken 6 BR Techtrap By (KYSG)
For all you Tekken heads out there, watch this sample tutorial vid.  These setups are the worst I've seen in the 10 years of Tekken I've bore witness to.

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The most ridiculous commercial I’ve ever seen

If you don't know about "The World of Golden Eggs", I highly recommend you watch that show. Because this commercial is all up in that…yeahhhhhhh (lol). Just crazy random humor everywhere!

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Where I’ve been the last week

I've been busy.  Census work wrapped up nicely last week, so I had a ton of free time to pursue a bunch of things I've been planning on doing (that and also playing a ton of Tekken 6).

I have a website now!  My friend Meico has been helping me shape it together, and it was only recently that it got completed.  There's still a few bugs to work out, but all in all it's mostly done and lacking content.  I'm not about to throw it out in the open just yet, but when the time comes, I will.

Am I going to continue using Vox?  I don't know.  I kinda like it here, but days go by where I keep feeling that I need my own website just to be taken more seriously.  I know that a lot of stuff I post here are just musings and not completely "A+" journalistic quality (air quotes and everything), but no one's waiting for me.  I have to move on out and climb up just to separate myself from the pack.


When it finally all ends, I'll be sure to let you know.  Probably something like those typical "we've moved!" kinda posts where it'll redirect toward another URL (lol).  All of the neighbors here will definitely get a hat tip from me also; there's too many awesome bloggers here worth checking out. 

Actually, people should be checking them out now.  Seriously, go check 'em out now!  So much more stuff to do…

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This is probably the coolest promo trailer to date.

ゴースト トリック

Pretty nice graphics for the DS, too.  Ghost Trick, a new mystery point-and-click novel game from Capcom, looks really cool.  Cool as in a strange Phoenix Wright meets Persona kind of way.  I didn’t think point-and-click style games had any place these days, but this is a welcome treat.

Games like Space Quest and Sam and Max.  Those games were pretty addictive.

Ghost Trick looks to be something in a similar vein.  To be brutally honest, I don’t know anything about the game — I only just saw it a few minutes ago, and only by chance since I was browsing a few Japanese news sites for fun.  I played around on the Japanese website and thought it was kinda spiffy.  It sucks that another great looking title is headed for the DS (I don’t own one), but I can’t blame Capcom for making a new, fun game.

Then there’s that Last Ranker that’s coming out…I hear that’s supposed to be the JRPG to end all JRPGs.  Either that, or the next Monster Hunter.

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A week in links (The road to EVO version)

Just got the confirmation email today — I've been accepted as a judge at the 2010 Evolution Fighting Game Championships!

I didn't think I would be accepted honestly, but I guess I wrote something positive in my application email.  I found out that they've assigned me to the 5pm ~ Midnight shift for Super Street Fighter IV.  While I'm glad to be an official judge now, I'm a little worried since the Melty Blood tournament will be happening at the same time.  Hopefully that'll get fixed later.

It's going to be June real soon here.  I've been grinding away in practice mode for nearly three hours daily in an effort to discover (and rediscover) new techs and combos for Melty Blood.  So far it's been paying off; I've mastered a few new characters outside of Ryougi Shiki.  That'll help me out just in case I run into any people who play those characters.

Very good week in terms of news.  A big thank you goes out to all of you who've submitted questions on formspring!  It's given me a new outlook on what people look for in the topics I write, so I'm a bit more confident in myself now. Enjoy the week's links!


YouTube – Kung Fu Bear (BEST FOOTAGE!)
That is just insane!  Who taught that bear how to do that?
Koe de Oshigoto! Manga Gets Anime Adaptation – Anime News Network
This is a really great manga, so news of an anime adaptation is welcome news.  Everyone should check it out!

Rumor: DLC characters coming for Super Street Fighter 4
Is R. Mika, Rolento, and Hugo coming? 

Ok reddit lets make it…The List of Real Life Cheat Codes!!!! : AskReddit
I don't know about that "waving to the cop if you get a speeding ticket" cheat, but if anyone out there ever gets pulled over, do tell us if this really worked (lol).

武器傘-劇場版『Fate – stay night – UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS』-エクスカリバー
The Excalibur umbrella — only $100 dollars ($100 freaking dollars!?).

Alan Wake: The Worst Product-Placement In Gaming History? –
Watch the video.  I can't believe something like this is actually in a video game…

Fogonazos: Maniobras alucinantes de cuadricópteros autónomos
Too cool!

日々是遊戯:iPadが懐かしのアーケードゲーム筐体になる? ゲームパッドへの対応を願う – ITmedia Gamez
Okay, have to admit this was a pretty darned clever use for the iPad.  Might have to re-reconsider getting one now just to do this.

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Got a question? Get an answer!

! !

I have a lot of free time today, so I thought I'd try this formspring stuff that people have been doing lately.  I'll be sitting by my computer working on a few images and posts with the window open, so if you want to ask a question on just about anything, I'd be more than happy to respond.

Just keep it SFW-ish, and all will be okay.

In other news, production on Tekken 7 got announced recently, and Arcana Heart 3 has a new expansion / update called Arcana Heart 3 Heartmatic Expansion (lol).  Skullgirls is the coolest little indie fighting game from Mike Z (of BlazBlue fame), and King of Fighters XIII is looking as sweet as ever!

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Wacky Engrish on Rakuten

More amusing findings over at Rakuten.  As much as I enjoy browsing goods on their online shop, I can't help but notice the rampant Engrish that goes on over there.  And to think that Rakuten wants to expand more into the western market…it kinda makes me worried.

A long time ago Andy once said to me, "We ought to get jobs in the Japanese translation market.  We'd make a killing translating all the goofy English that goes on over there."  Boy was he spot on.  I understand the fact that Japan loves to use English to sound sauve and foreign and all, but it boggles my mind at how they just mash words together and come up with new sentences not even us foreigners are able to come up with.

Someone really ought to start a business out there that fixes sentences — like a PR firm or something for copy writers.  Anybody up for it?

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