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Japan’s game industry is defunct — except ours

…or so sayeth legendary Capcom designer Keiji Inafune (creator of Dead Rising and the Onimusha series).  And while he might be right or he might be wrong, Inafune-san had no qualms turning that quote upside down and claiming Capcom had the cream of the crop of the weekend convention, ironically.  I mean, the first question I had after hearing his statement was, "are you saying that about your games too?"

TGS was still popular with the public, with over 185,000 people lining up to check out the latest games at this year's convention.  Gamasutra reports that there were roughly 10,000 attendees less than last year, but the number seems rather paltry.

There were plenty of head-turning announcements!  Here's a quick run down of what you might've missed:

On the fighting games side, there were two huge announcements / leaks over the weekend.  The first is the long-awaited rumored Super Street Fighter IV.  A picture made its rounds on the internets, leading many people to believe that T. Hawk really IS in the new sequel.  It's unclear, but there will be an official announcement from Capcom tomorrow.

Another new character was announced for BlazBlue: Hazama.  His character voice actor is Koji Yusa, better known as Ichimaru Gin from Bleach.  His drive is called Ouroboros, and his playstyle is that of a rush down, speed-type fighter.  Plus his character design looks hella cool!

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More Tougeki 2009 updates as they roll in

Friday results for Super Battle Opera are out, and Virtua Fighter 5 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion finished.  That leaves Tatsunoko vs Capcom, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear Accent Core, Sugoi! Arcana Heart, and Fate: Unlimited Codes left.

Full results are:

Virtua Fighter 5: Revolution (3 vs 3)

1st:Yuutenji (Lau), Gorgeous (Eileen), Joseph (Akira)
2nd: YOU (Sarah), Chuutaro (Jean), Anaguma (Jacky)
3rd (tie): Itabashi Zangief (Shun), Itoshun (Brad), Fuudo (Lion)
3rd (tie). Chameleon (Sarah), O Niku (Jeffrey), Kingujou (Lau)

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion (3 vs 3)

1st: Honda (Lili), Junchan (Julia), RAUM (Wang)
2nd: Tissuemon (Marduk), Nisshin (Anna), Buri (Bryan)
3rd (tie): Ojikusu (Bruce), Fukusu (Lars), Bakushi (Bryan)
3rd (tie): Kousuke (Heihachi), Chokoyan (Bob), 萬海王 (King)

More results to come over the following weekend.  There's no live stream unfortunately, but the Tougeki twitter page is constantly updating.

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Tougeki 2009 has just started and…

Kyabetsu and Gosho (Team KoF lol) win the Street Fighter IV 2-on-2 Super Battle Opera championship!  They won 2-1 against the Japanese National champ Iyo and his partner Shiro, and also defeated Mago (the current BP leader) and Nemo, the best Chun Li user in Japan.  Kyabetsu played C. Viper, and Gosho used Rufus.

Interesting to note, both Kyabetsu and Gosho are well known King of Fighter players — Kyabetsu has attented SBO in the past and won the championship in previous years.  Will this spur popularity for KoF XII in the future?  Too bad there's no King of Fighters in this year's line up…maybe that might've been the reason why they chose to enter Street Fighter this time around?

In other news, all of the foreign teams including the U.S. lost in their first rounds for Street Fighter IV.  It's pretty unfortunate, but there are still other chances in the other games, such as Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Guilty Gear: Accent Core, and BlazBlue.  Best wishes to all of them; I read a moment ago that Justin Wong pulled a difficult match in his first round.  Ouch.

Full Bracket:

Check Tougeki's twitter feed for live updates by the hour here.
Anno Haruka's blog can be found here.
English updates can be found on's SBO thread.

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Is this the coolest thing from Wonder Fest 2009 or what?

Looks absolutely breathtaking…almost as breathtaking as that Black Rock Shooter figure too!  According to Danny Choo's site, the figure comes from an illustration by Nagimiso, who apparently does alot of PV videos for Miku.  No word on prices or release date yet, so stay tuned.

In other Wonder Fest news, I saw this outrageous cosplay pic that has now given me inspiration for Halloween:

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2009 Spring Anime Season

Now that the rest of the spring anime season finished debuting this week, I sat down and watched the first episodes of a few series that caught my interest.  There's alot of new shows, but finding which ones to watch was pretty easy considering the majority of them seemed like older shows with a different slab of characters in them (I'm more of a fan of new and original works).

My picks were:

  • K-ON!
  • Higashi no Eden
  • Natsu no Arashi
  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Shangri-La
  • Senjou no Valkyria

K-ON! was of course, pretty good!  As expected of Kyoto Animation, the quality and craftsmanship in their productions are always fairly high.  And since it's a musical anime about…music, the opening and ending themes were very catchy.  I've already gotten a copy of the end theme on my iPod…

Higashi no Eden is, in my humble opinion, the best show this season.  Everything about it is amazing: unorthodox opener, weird plot narrative, and curiously-unique characters.  No bad points here.  No where to go but up!

Natsu no Arashi is…weird.  I had a hard time following along the plot (time travel tends to be a bit of a difficult plot piece).  Full Metal Alchemist wasn't too bad, but I'm pretty disappointed in the seiyuu changes. Still fun to watch though.

Shangri-La was a bit of a let down.  I had high hopes for it, since Range Murata (one of my favorite artists) was in charge of the character designs for the series.  Hopefully the second episode will pick up.

Senjou no Valkyria is not bad; at least it's following the videogame's plot faithfully.  It's a quiet anime with lots of lulls.  It's oddly serene…probably a good title to put on when I feel like going to sleep.  I'll still watch it though.

I ran around, reading other reviews and impressions and many people had a few other recommendations up for grabs.  One of them was Basquash!, another anime title with an exclamation point in it.  It's really good!  Watching it in HD is amazing (an understatement of epic proportions, I'm sure).  Not only that, but it's got the cast of Kannagi doing the voices!  Win!  So far, Haruka Tomatsu hasn't appeared yet, but I'll be crossing my fingers for when that happens.  Can't believe this one fell under my radar…

Here's a small sample of how gorgeous Basquash! looks:

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