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Ridiculous: A look at poor game design

Tatsunoko vs Capcom is probably one of the first developers in history to include giant characters in the roster. I had high hopes, playing this guy…I mean, what's not to like about a giant gold lighter with arms and legs? But now after seeing this, it's almost better to not play him at all.

What's going on in the vid:

Gold Lightan, like PTX-40A (the other giant character in Tatsunoko vs Capcom) has Super Armor.  Even though they might get hit, it won't interrupt whatever move their doing so they can continue attacking.  Think of it as a train — despite crashing into objects, it keeps moving forward.

However, in the video we can clearly see that when Batsu does his Team Up Super (half circle back both punch buttons), it locks Gold Lightan into a set animation that nullifies his Super Armor.  He can't get out of it unless he dodges the attack by jumping away.

Batsu then knocks Gold Lightan into the sky, and then proceeds to combo the bejeebus out of him.  From there on out, its only a matter of jumping up to reset the loop, since Gold Lightan is so large and easy to hit.  He even changes directions midway through the combo.  Unbelievable.

Final Thoughts:

Broken?  This is probably the worst offender in the game, considering Batsu doesn't even need to call out his helper like most other semi-infinite loops, but I'd venture to say this is only bad news for the golden lighter and PTX, since they're both giant characters.  The general consensus with other TvC players is that these two characters are purely bottom tier. 

Once again, Capcom astounds with their shoddy programming.  Fate: Unlimited Codes also suffers from poor combo design, I hope Street Fighter IV doesn't turn into anything like this yet…

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First King of Fighters XII gameplay vid hits youtube

King of Fighters 12: First Gameplay

Thanks to Andy and Cuong for the heads up!

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Arcana Heart 2

Earlier in the week I wrote about the lack of innovation in fighting games and their sequels.  Most of my grievances stemmed from the fact that sequels scarcely seek creativity in their games and focus upon building up the established system.  Most of the time arcade sequels just include a new character, new moves, and / or occasionally a new gameplay tweak. 

The creators of Arcana Heart knew this, and attempted to build a game from the ground up that would avoid the monotony of stale characters and moves.  The other interesting thing is that the developers are fans of all types of fighters, from popular arcade fighters, to fan-made doujin fighters.  Did I mention there's absolutely no male characters present in the game? 

But where the game really shines is the amount of depth offered in the individual arcana's.  After you select your character, you get to choose an arcana that will dictate the special and super moves for that character.  The Arcana also determines the passive abilities, ranging from floaty air jumps, to additional "clashes" that will add extra hits in dash moves.  On top of that, you can activate the Arcana (a move that helps you get out of combos) which will add even more passive abilites that can regain life, stop the clock, or poison the opponent.

There's probably not a single game out there in the market that even comes close to the amount of flexability within the game structure.  The first game offered 12 characters and 12 arcanas, totalling 144 (zomg, 144!) staggering combinations.  Arcana Heart 2 now has 18 characters and 18 arcanas, effectively doubling the amount of combinations available from the previous game!

Personally, I really like the fact that there's practically no tiers (e.g. characters who are inheritantly stronger than other characters) in this game due to the arcana system.  Alot of games typically have a small group of characters who are just too overpowered that the weaker characters simply can't compete.  Thanks to Examu's foresight, this aspect of the game has been effectively neutralized, truly allowing players to find the playstyle that suits them the best.  This is probably one of the best 2D games out there, and I highly suggest it. 

If you're interested in further reading, I would also recommend these highly in-depth articles:'s review of Arcana Heart
In-depth forum post with a plethora of healthy links
Super informative wiki page on Arcana Heart

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