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Arcana Heart 3 Boss unlocked and some other fighting game news


This is the most costly cheat I've ever seen in fighting game history.  You actually have to INSERT a credit in a particular order to get the cheat to work.  Just to play her, mind you!   But hey, this is EXAMU we're talking about, the greediest company in the history of fighting games.  Ever.

In other news, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift has been leaked online. It's barebones and PC only. 

Hat tip to Kyle for pointing out the video and leak info.

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Arcana Heart 3 is looking to be cheezier than ever

Exhibit A:

Tyr destroys Catherine in a heavily lopsided match

Tyr isn't a character — Kira is.  Tyr is that gigantic sword that plunges into the ground and summons two lightning barriers on the sides, effectively nullifying any movement from Catherine (the giant robot with the bunnygirl in the cockpit).  It's so broke, that even if she tries to fight back, she'll still get hit by the barrier.  People are already calling matchup 10 – 0 in Tyr's favor. 


And here's some more brokeness from Examu:

Exhibit B:

One combo; an entire life bar GONE. In an INSTANT.

Look at that LIFE.  ALL OF IT GONE IN MERE SECONDS.  I won't comment on how it was done, but this is worse than Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion's rage system.  I have to ask, as I sit here scratching my head: why, Examu?  Why?  Are you purposely trying to wreck the game so arcades across Japan have to be forced to pay for a patch that will more than likely be announced later down the road? 

And let's not forget that bit of controversy back during SBO, when Examu released a patch that cost ¥78,000 per chip (which happened two years in a row).  At the time, in order for arcades to qualify for SBO they were required to install them to become legitimate practice areas on their machines.  That meant that they had to shell out ¥78,000 for each machine that they owned.  That's a lot of money.

At this rate, Examu is going to be the richest video game company on the planet.

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Critical Finishes — Examu’s answer to Fatalities?

Arcana Heart 3 All Character Critical Hearts (part1)

Arcana Heart 3 All Character Critical Hearts (part2)

They're so cute and stylish; where's the gore?

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Arcana Heart 3’s Opening Movie

Arcana Heart 3 Arcade Opening Movie

Credit goes to HF Blade from SRK.

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Some gaming news

I missed a bunch of news that came out over the weekend, so by now most of you hardcore gamers probably heard this already.  Arcana Heart 3 had it's location test this past weekend, and match vids are out!  There's not too many videos of the new character Weiss, but there's a nice one of Eko, the five-year-old adolescent phenom and her prince Kaz.  The game looks a little more shiny, but still has that goofy polish from older Arcana Heart games. 

Did I mention new moves abound too?

Home Videos Channels Shows Change Player Size Watch this video in a new window 2M9 091121 ARCANA

There's more loketest vids on that user's channel, so be sure to check 'em out!

Also, during our Fall Brawl tourney the KC guys were nice enough to mention that the first BlazBlue: Continuum Shift tourney happened nearly the same time on the weekend.  Oichi over at versuscity,com broke the story with match vids from the tournament.  He's also spot on about the new announcer (she sounds hideous).

Last but not least, three more characters made headlines today for Super Street Fighter IV!  Cody, Guy, and Adon were introduced in the latest issue of Famitsu and a new trailer popped up as well.  Looks like that rumored list of characters hit the spot again.  Will we see Ibuki, Makoto, and Dudley appear too? 

Super Street Fighter IV – New Contender Trailer

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Today is letdown city and I am letdown city’s Mayor

Just saw the latest scan for Examu's newest fighter Arcana Heart 3 and I am super, super embarassed.  I defended this game because of it's amazing gameplay system, but now I can't bring myself to justify it past it's newest addition: a 5 year old toddler.  I mean, it's bad enough when the entire cast consists of tweeners under the age of 16 and all, but now…maaaaaaaaaan.

In other letdown city news, Bakemonogatari episode 14 got pushed back to November 2nd.  I have no clue why it got pushed back five days, but hopefully because it's because they want to spruce up the online stream (or add some content).  I'm pretty sure its not because they're including English subs (lol), but so long as it doesn't turn out like episode 10, I'm okay with it.

Lastly, as most of you might already know Tekken 6 came out is a blast to play.  Then we fired up the online play to see how well it runs.  Then I cried.

As if by clockwork, Namco has listened to the complaints and has something planned in the works.  Markman over at reported that a patch update is already in the works, so I'm hopeful.  Hopeful.  (By the way, I'll post up a review down the week, so please watch out for it).

This has been your letdown city news update.  Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

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Arcana Heart 3’s new character revealed?

Wow, she looks pretty cool!  Kind of like a grown up version of Angelica, except with dark clothing and a gigantic black sword of sorts.  Her arcana looks equally fearsome!  It's a bit odd how Gottfried isn't exactly an "arcana", rather it's referred to as a Geist.  Not sure what this spells for the game, but it's interesting to see Examu taking a different twist for the new game!


Some more screens from the latest famitsu showed a bit more about the new game and the new character.  The official website has a splash page now, but unfortunately no content other than that.

I can't help but wonder what's going to become of the series.  Fighting games usually make a large paradigm shift with their third incarnation and it seems Examu is trying just that with their flagship title.  I suppose only time will tell how it pans out.

Famitsu scan #1
Famitsu scan #2
Famitsu scan #3

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