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…ooooooooooooo!!  No, I won't believe it!  I shall not! No!  Neverrrrrrr!!  Why is she number two!  Nadeko only appeared in three measly episodes, but Senjougahara was in nearly every one of them!  Blasphemy!

Whatever, I know why people like her — it's because of things like THIS!  Shameless!

Argh…well whatever…oh hey what's this?  Touhou got on CNN??  LOL that's AWESOME!  Still doesn't get that ranking chart out of mind by the way…!

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Yeeaaaahhh!! Bakemonogatari nendoroids!

Just saw this today, woohoo!  Finally, someone picked up Bakemonogatari and started production on figurines!  And it's Good Smile Company no less!  It's not quite 1/16th scaled and fully poseable a la their main line, but nendoroids are still pretty sweet.  Araragi Koyomi, Senjougahara Hitagi, and the class rep look to be slated for a future release sometime down the road next year.

Only time will tell if the rest of the cast will make an appearance too (crosses fingers for Kanbaru lol).  You can find more images here!

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Today is letdown city and I am letdown city’s Mayor

Just saw the latest scan for Examu's newest fighter Arcana Heart 3 and I am super, super embarassed.  I defended this game because of it's amazing gameplay system, but now I can't bring myself to justify it past it's newest addition: a 5 year old toddler.  I mean, it's bad enough when the entire cast consists of tweeners under the age of 16 and all, but now…maaaaaaaaaan.

In other letdown city news, Bakemonogatari episode 14 got pushed back to November 2nd.  I have no clue why it got pushed back five days, but hopefully because it's because they want to spruce up the online stream (or add some content).  I'm pretty sure its not because they're including English subs (lol), but so long as it doesn't turn out like episode 10, I'm okay with it.

Lastly, as most of you might already know Tekken 6 came out is a blast to play.  Then we fired up the online play to see how well it runs.  Then I cried.

As if by clockwork, Namco has listened to the complaints and has something planned in the works.  Markman over at reported that a patch update is already in the works, so I'm hopeful.  Hopeful.  (By the way, I'll post up a review down the week, so please watch out for it).

This has been your letdown city news update.  Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

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Now that’s a BluRay DVD worth buying there

Just a tiny sample of the hilarious commentary recorded for Bakemonogatari. I love the banter between Senjougahara and Hanekawa, lol. I wonder if this is all ad lib too? If it is, this is pretty impressive stuff. Looks Sugita-san has a contender for funniest duo!

I am SO buying the BD if it ships out to the U.S. First day purchase confirmed!


So someone on Nico Douga posted another clip from the BD commentary track — part deux!  Funny stuff!

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Damn this song!

Bakemonogatari 4th OP (english sub)

I loooove this show, it's so classy and clever — the best summer series in years!  While the 10th episode was pretty crappy compared to the earlier ones, this song alone was probably it's saving grace.  It's already on my playlist, and someone out there leaked out the full version. 

I don't really think its the real full version though, it sounds more like the TV-size version looped twice.  Still, it's my latest addiction…

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