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Arcana Heart 3 Boss unlocked and some other fighting game news


This is the most costly cheat I've ever seen in fighting game history.  You actually have to INSERT a credit in a particular order to get the cheat to work.  Just to play her, mind you!   But hey, this is EXAMU we're talking about, the greediest company in the history of fighting games.  Ever.

In other news, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift has been leaked online. It's barebones and PC only. 

Hat tip to Kyle for pointing out the video and leak info.

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Some gaming news

I missed a bunch of news that came out over the weekend, so by now most of you hardcore gamers probably heard this already.  Arcana Heart 3 had it's location test this past weekend, and match vids are out!  There's not too many videos of the new character Weiss, but there's a nice one of Eko, the five-year-old adolescent phenom and her prince Kaz.  The game looks a little more shiny, but still has that goofy polish from older Arcana Heart games. 

Did I mention new moves abound too?

Home Videos Channels Shows Change Player Size Watch this video in a new window 2M9 091121 ARCANA

There's more loketest vids on that user's channel, so be sure to check 'em out!

Also, during our Fall Brawl tourney the KC guys were nice enough to mention that the first BlazBlue: Continuum Shift tourney happened nearly the same time on the weekend.  Oichi over at versuscity,com broke the story with match vids from the tournament.  He's also spot on about the new announcer (she sounds hideous).

Last but not least, three more characters made headlines today for Super Street Fighter IV!  Cody, Guy, and Adon were introduced in the latest issue of Famitsu and a new trailer popped up as well.  Looks like that rumored list of characters hit the spot again.  Will we see Ibuki, Makoto, and Dudley appear too? 

Super Street Fighter IV – New Contender Trailer

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First loketest footage of Hazama in action

I just noticed his moves look like…Michael Jackson…

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Updates on that mysterious new character

I spent some time this morning trying to translate the Japanese text to figure out what kind of character Tsubaki Yayoi will be in the upcoming BlazBlue sequel, and it seems that she's an aerial fighter.  Kind of makes sense with her bird motif and all.  But what really intrigues me is how she uses her new "install" drive.

Apparently on activation, it engulfs her in energy which increases the damage on her moves or perhaps changes the properties.  You can see the visual difference from the upper left corner and the bottom left corner.  Oh and, she also uses a "sword" of sorts (which I'm guessing is made out of feathers? lol).  This playstyle is really similar to I-No from the previous Guilty Gear, who was given a slew of aerial attacks that made her an excellent air-to-ground fighter.

Her background is also interesting.  After she graduated from Tsuchikan High School, she enlisted into the same military organization that Jin and Noel are a part of.  Her current mission is to assassinate Noel, which is the reason why she's in Kagutsuchi city.  She was trained a long time ago on how to fight, although it's unclear where or who she learned from.

Looks pretty solid.

In other news, on the Capcom blog they showcased a new fighter on the Capcom side for their upcoming new Tatsunoko vs Capcom series.  Guess who it is?

It’s freaking Frank West from Dead Rising!!

What the hell lol!

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New BlazBlue scans and what’s this move?

This scan from the latest Famitsu magazine has been making its rounds all over the place, so apparently the rumor was true that Arc Sys was waiting until after Tougeki 2009 before the decided to release some press on the new upcoming BlazBlue game.  It's called BlazBlue Continum (or Continuum): Shift.  Not sure if it's a patch update or an entirely new game, but the new HUD is starting to make it look like it's the latter.  I don't mind the current one, but I guess they wanted something fresh and sparkly. 

The new character's name is Tsubaki Yayoi, and while she may look kinda new-ish, she's actually in the current game albeit unplayable of course.  I think I like the way she looked before they updated her with that funky bird-hat.

Take a look:

Meh.  From what I can tell from the scans, her drive ability is called "install", and I can't tell very much else from that.  But I can guess what it is!  Maybe it's a new move where she installs herself onto your hard drive and downloads all kinds of malware into your PS3 so that it'll slow down your opponent's attacks!  Yeah!  Or maybe she's like Bang Shishigami and the song "uninstall" plays in the background.  That'd be neato…

At any rate, there's a location test (isn't there always?) in September at the HEY! arcade in Akihabara coming soon.  Perfect for anyone who happens to be there for the up and coming TGS event.


In other news, popular poverty fighting game Vanguard Princess is getting a nice update too.  It's a bit small compared to the BlazBlue update, but can the people over at Arc Sys say they have a move like this!?

Kurumi’s New Move

Oh my gawd I'm so hyped for this new version!

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For all you Hakumen lovers out there, this goes out to you.

Never knew you could do all these shenanigans with Hakumen — as silly as some of these might be, you can't help but smile during some of them. They look pretty easy to pull off too, so if you want to wow your buds with some impromptu flashy moves, this is the way to go!

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And for you BlazBlue fans…

Can't get enough of Taokaka's undies?  Or do you tend to stare at Litchi's chest a bit too much?  Whatever your fetish might be, someone over in Japan took screenshots of all the lovely ladies in BlazBlue and posted up panchira pictures for everyone to see. 

Here's a few quick "samples" (SFW):

Kinda odd how Taokaka and Litchi flash the most, while Noel shows literally no panchira shots despite her skimpy outfit.  How noble!  How grand!  I applaud you for rising above the immature likes of your fellow fighting peers!

Source: Hatimaki Blog (more images there)

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