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Rare Footage of the Alleycat Mating Ritual in Action


Funny cat clip for the day

Pussycat versus Printer

Kevin Rose of Digg talked about this video in his latest podcast, diggnation.  And he's totally right too, there's something funny about cats, the mischief they get into, and explosions.  Gotta rock the explosions ^^

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Funny compilation of cat clips put to music

Found while browsing Nico Douga, this is so amazingly funny and cute!

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Ah, beloved animals…two short stories.

Hello again!  As Christmas time rolls closer, its getting more hectic at the workplace.  I'm losing quite a bit of sleep, actually.  Hopefully this season will pass quickly, and sweet murmurings returns to my quiet nights.

This first story is about a bird-watcher that shot a feral cat to save a rare bird from being its dinner.  Apparently in Texas, the story was so shocking that the on-going feud over cat lovers versus bird lovers has skyrocketed into ginormous proportions.  A nearby toll booth attendant spotted him doing the deed, and a chase ensued, ending in an arrest. The bird-watcher, Jim Stevenson, received multiple death threats (probably from cat lobbyists) and had to leave the state.

It seems there are multiple websites that have an agenda and are trying to spread the gospel.  You can check out one of said pro-cat websites here.

Another story came from the BBC about a new start-up service in California that allows people to rent dogs without all that messy business that involves actual ownership.  Now you can rent an adorable puppy of your choice without any strings attached! 

This does create an interesting and potentially quite lucrative new venue…pet celebrities.  How soon will it be when we start hearing love triangles between daschunds and Lassie the dog?  Could this lead into messy restraining orders and the like?  Only time will tell…

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Random quote of the day: "I like girls, but I'm more into justice."

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