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The funniest prank vid I’ve seen from Japan yet

sniper attack

This totally blows all the other ones out of the water!  Gotta love that Jack Bauer reference lol — and what is up with the third guy!?

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Haha! More funny youtube vids!

Sorry, I'm on a little youtube watching friz today.  Downtown's show, Gaki no Tsukai features the group testing out different kinds of filling for that splendid treat, taiyaki.  Nothing goes untested, from potato salad, hotdogs, even mint!  I particularly like Matsumoto's take on taiyaki "fillings", lol!

Absolutely tasty taiyaki (part 1)

Absolutely tasty taiyaki (part 2)

Absolutely tasty taiyaki (part 3)

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If this is real, then I feel really bad…

Donnie Hoyle shows you how to photoshop. Just ignore the uh, skype call.

…if its not, then its a really funny sketch.  No pun intended.

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Nellie McKay is refreshing.

Just recently heard her interview on Monday's Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and it was love at first listen.  Her voice is so low and seductive, how could anyone not fall in love, lol.

Probably the coolest thing I love is her comedic sense in her songwriting, as well as her unmistakable ukelele (kinda reminds me of Oliver Brown, another ukelele musician).  I don't know what it is about the ukelele and its mystical powers…

I'm probably not doing her enough justice with my weak writing skills, haha.  Here's a clip of my favorite performance so far:

Nellie McKay performing "Mother of Pearl" šŸ˜€

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Random quote of the day: "I like girls, but I'm more into justice."

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