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Another anime-themed phone!?

What is this, keitai Tuesday?  So much weird phone news coming out!  This time it's the Evangelion themed Sharp keitai that's rounding the news! 

Based off the new Evangelion films (man, will this series ever die!?) coming down the road, the NERV mobile phone is based off of the NTT DoCoMo SH-06A summer 2009 model and comes with a slew of neat functions and mods.  According to the Anime News Network:

…Anno and Khara supervised and participated in all aspects of the phone's design (including the accessories and packaging)…In the fictional description, the "Type 5 information management and control device" was developed for personnel of the secretive Nerv organization, using MAGI System technology that has rarely been provided to civilian companies.

The 135-gram (4.76-ounce) phone features a 3.3-inch main display, a 10-megapixel outer camera, and a 0.4-megapixel inner camera. A Nerv logo hologram appears on the matte-coated casing, and the phone comes with an exclusive Frame Holder 01 case/stand and a Nerv 50% Be@rbrick mascot strap. Users can choose from several Evangelion-theme menu layouts, alert window animation sequences, clock display, and standby images. 20,000 will be available for pre-orders in the official Evangelion Store, and 10,000 more will be sold regularly, but only from June to July.

Dannnnnnnnnng!  That sounds pretty badass, if you ask me!  But what about pictures?  Say no more…

Front / Back and Open / Closed GUI Customizable GUI options

Check out the teaser movie page here!

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Wow, that didn’t take long lol

I knew I could trust Nico to deliver! I knew it! +1000 cool points to the person who took the time to mix this and post it up!

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Funny Neon Genesis Evangelion parody twists on adult humour

Its in Japanese, but I don't think you'll need to understand any to grasp whats going on. Besides, who out there hasn't seen Evangelion yet? Shame on you if you haven't!

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