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Funny bugs in games


Someone hire these two for FFXIII lol (Language NSFW)

Final Fantasy XIII PlayStation 3Series – IGN Originals: Final Fantasy XIII: English Voice Localizati

LOL!  So many innuendos in this vid!  Gotta give some love over to the fellas over at IGN.  They know how to run with the parodies pretty well!  And I never would've guessed Lightning was in to that kinda stuff..!

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Other wacky games you might (or might not) want to miss

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past scans

Most of these are from the original Nintendo Power guide (the very first one!) for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.  Glad I still have it!  I wonder how much this book would go for on eBay…?

History section.Light world section.Dark world.Another special appendage in the strategy guide.Special Appendage in the strategy guide.Culture of Hyrule.Link vs Shadow Link.Zelda calls for help.  Apparently, any ol' body will do.Link's uncle sets out to save the day.  Little did he know...Frantic, Link rushes out into the darkness, despite his uncles warning.Link stumbles upon his uncle, in the underground tunnels of Hyrule castle.History of Hyrule.

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Assorted classic Nintendo Power comics

Nintendo Power back in the day was an awesome resource magazine for games whilst I was growing up in the 'hood.  Perhaps the premier publication for all things Nintendo, it had everything from strategies, codes, and upcoming news.  But by far the most impressionable feature for me were the many, many cool comics.  They had everything from Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, even Starfox.  I can't find the Legend of Zelda comics by Shotaro Ishinomori (whose mentor was Osamu Tezuka of Astroboy fame), but I do have a few of his works.  If possible I'll try to upload those along with the Starfox comic and Metroid comic.

*update* I found the original Legend of Zelda comic online!  Here's the link!

Alot of people ask, "what was the first anime / manga influence for you?"  At first I thought, "it has to be Ranma 1/2, of course; that was the first manga I ever picked up."  Not true.  Looking back, they were actually these manga comics in Nintendo Power!  I was too young to even recognize they were even from Japan, because I just thought back then American artists did all that.  Boy oh boy was I wrong, lol.  I wonder what I would have thought as a kid back then, if the person then learned what he was going to be like in 20 some odd years later.  Probably would've wet my pants.

I got interested in talking about this only just recently, when this article came up in my radar.  I have several stacks of old Nintendo Power mags hanging around the house, so I went on a little archaeological dig, and came up with a few shots for everybody šŸ™‚

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Real-Life Metal Gear?

video from

I saw this a few days ago when I was surfing around Kotaku.  They linked to a story on about a real-life analysis of GlaDOS from Portal (a really interesting viewpoint) and how she's Still Alive.  It was pretty cool, until I noticed the previous post: Real Life Metal Gear

In the blog post, they showed a clip of a machine that moved on four legs similar to the giant "mooing cow walkers" in the MGS4 trailer last year.  Let me just say, this clip is eerily similar.  Despite its small size, its very conceivable that such a machine really could be built in the near or present future.  And that mooing sound?  Well if that small quad ped robot could make that loud annoying motor sound, then that large "mooing" could just be its motor, as the post explains.  Not too far-fetched…

After watching this, I'm convinced even further robots are going to take over the world.  Refer: Spider Mech, Scary robots

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Japanese guy makes Airman, succeeds

Probably the most coolest thing I have ever witnessed. A full blown video from start to finish showing the creation of Airman. Genious ensues.

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