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Headphone reviews

Just wanted to share some thoughts on some headphones that I'm using at work.  I'm constantly looking for the next set of 'phones that are visually stylistic, and in this case I've found two that really caught my attention.

First up is the Bang and Olufsen form 2 headphones.  Its actually a remake of a really old set of classic over-the-head phones from Denmark.  They're pretty pricey, ($100) but very, very cool in design.  You don't find many of these styles of headphones anymore, which is kind of unfortunate.

The sound is great, no problems there whatsoever.  But some of my gripes with these 'phones include a really long cordjack (nearly 8 ft), ear buds that tend to hurt after lengthy sessions, and a top section that tends to slip a bit.  Overall, I'd give it a B-.

Next is the Audio Technica ONTO line.  These headphones hail from Japan, and as such are not available inside of the states.  At first, I thought these were behind-the-back style headphones, but apparently, thats not the case.  Its cheap too, going for $29.

The sound quality is decent; a little tweaking in your iPod and you're good to go.  There's actually a leather cushion on the earbud, which is a big plus.  Sometimes I thought it felt like they were noise-cancellation 'phones, lol.  They're really light phones, and don't slip at all.  You can twist the earbuds to kind of "fit" into your ear a little better.

The only problem I got was that I can't tell which way to put them on.  Twisting the earbuds is a task at first, but when you get used to it its no problem.  The only thing  I worry about is breaking the top part in half someday, leaving me with some mini-speakers.  Overall score: A.

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