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Gundam phone on the way in September!

Anime phones are on the rise!

Softbank is introducing a limited edition HD phone bundle that includes a mini plastic model of the first ever Gundam, the RX-78-2.  The new promo is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first plastic model kit, and includes a slew of phone accessories, like a plastic shield cover that goes over the phone.  There's also custom phone ringtones and menu screens, a la the Evangelion phone.

I love how the keitai industry gets behind the anime industry to produce these really cool and nifty products.  The only thing we have going for us in the States are phones that are made by the TelCo companies, not the other way around.

Like for example Celty's phone, from Durarara!!:

Still though, it makes me wonder what the next keitai will be, once the next season of anime shows start. 

Source: Anime News Network

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We are all going to die

1/1 Real Scale GUNDAM 首振りとミスト

Holy crap, it MOVES!  If you listen closely, you can hear missles and bombs going off in the background — unbelievable!  I said it before and I'll say it again, robots are going to take over the world, starting with Japan!  This will be the death of us all!

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Cute Zeon stop-motion animation teaches you how to cook!

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