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Halloween is serious business.

Saw this amazing thread on Neogaf and ii just had to post a Halloween-themed post today!  Aside from that hilarious image above, the OP posted a picture (and subsequent vid) of one of the coolest Ironman costumes of all time.  OF ALL TIME.  /kanye meme

IronMan MKV movie Short test 1

The other cool Halloween thing I saw was this "promo" slash "viral vid" of the Silent Hill haunted house attraction in California.  I wish I could go to this thing!  But alas, I'll have to settle for videos such as these.  Maybe somebody out there will take their camera with them and do a walk-through!  That'd be so cool…

Sinister pointe silent hill haunted house

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Happy Halloween!

Yesterday, a friend and I were browsing around on youtube trying to find videos to scare ourselves stupid.  Some of them were pretty effective, and since I was the only one traveling home alone in the dark, it made for a ridiculously needless scary ride (I kept glancing over in to my backseat to re-affirm to myself no one was back there). 

Anything shown on television makes me automatically wary of how much might be doctored or fake, particularly ones about ghosts.  I dunno…the entire presentation, while inherently creepy, just seems so over-the-top that I can't help but think that a small bit of fowl play may have had a hand.  Take a look yourself, and see what you think…

Scary ghost girl caught on tape in Japan

Strange head appears in sunroof

Mwahahaha…have a safe and happy halloween!

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The Origins of the Halloween Witch

Since Halloween is coming soon, I thought a story about witches would be a great idea.

Ever wondered why witches wear large pointy hats, carry a broomstick, and have cauldrons?  There's a history behind those icons.  Not only that, but witches have a history with beer and beverages. 

Alan Eames, beer historian and author, talked about the significance of women and beer in his book The Secret Life of Beer.  In it, he discussed how back in the early times, when villages were relatively small and simple folk walked the land, women were commonly found working as midwives and brewsters.  Brewster being a term for brewing beer and such.

During those times, the brewsters were usually young and beautiful (or bewitching, one could say), making herbals and such.  Some of those early recipes included selling beer as a mood-enhancing drug for the public.  In order to make themselves rise and appear more visable, the brewsters would wear pointy hats.  They would have cats to protect their grain storages, whilst they brewed in their cauldrons.  Of course over time, these women began to get into trouble, so they would eventually resort to selling these brews in more remote locales, away from local officials.

Thats where they began to use broomsticks as a sign for customers.  Originally, the broomsticks would be located above the doorway of the abode, but eventually, brewsters decided to place them alongside the road or even on the road.  

These women were persecuted for their work, but beer remained a staple among villagers.  These factors eventually led to the witch as we now know it, pointy hat, broomstick and all.  Who would've guessed that witches and beer actually had something in common?

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