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A week in links

Is it Wednesday already?  Wow, time just flies by now thanks to Daylight Savings Time kicking in.  Not too enthused with the sun going down an hour earlier than usual…and since it gets dark before 6pm even rolls around, I can't even get out to enjoy the sun during my usual 20 minute jog…

So instead of being out and about, I'm instead stuck inside, browsing the web looking up news…

Takara Tomy release "Giant Pudding" (ギガプリン), a giant dessert that serves 20
Lego no longer able to claim copyright on Lego Block design
Scary: Valve tricks Half-Life 2 Hacker into fake interview
Tezuka Productions posts 700 manga and 100 anime titles for free online

Tech News:
Google launches VOIP competitor with video chat inside Gmail
Android debug reboot bug in G1 phones

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In case you missed it…

I've been browsing an indie art site called in my free time, and the art you can sample there is simply astounding.   I dunno if I'll ever be on this level of creativity, but it certainly gives me something to push for.  Its definitely my go-to source for inspiration!

Youtube and Nintendo create a really genious ad collaboration.
Japanese developers create the first ever iPhone boob simulator
Visiting Japan?  Perhaps you might take an interest in this…
Soula Boy reviews Braid in the only way he can
Awesome free-style rap dubbed commentary…must watch.

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Early weekend update

I don't forsee myself posting over the upcoming weekend, so count your blessings, mass updates in less than one day!  An old friend is coming up to visit with her brother over the weekend, and my friend Hung is getting married on Saturday.  Insanity to ensue in the next 24 hours…hence this image.  Wow, I managed to make it relevant, woot!

Guy uses WiiFit to navigate Google Maps
Expect robots of the future to be sassy and give you lip
(Don't miss!) Zero Punctuation reviews Soul Calibur IV
The most badass of all badass motorcycles…
Amazing Olympic events remade with Legos…wow.

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A week in links

Currently typing this up at a house party (with a beer in my right hand) and watching the Olympics on hi-def!  Its rainy as hell over here, so our pool party got canceled.  No problem though; a little ingenuity, and the party moves on, lol.  I love rain.  Its always so calm and soothing at night.  They say its supposed to rain for 10 days nonstop…

I have a lot of stuff I wanna type out, but that's probably better left for next week.  Please look forward to it!

Friendly Beijing Olympic cop can speak in 13 languages!
Team Fortress start looking for part-time jobs
Mirror's Edge demo re-done in Portal
Trains of the future look freaking sweet.
Click at your own risk. I mean it.

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Sunday Sunday Sunday

Busted up my right hand last night.  If I push down on my pinky and ring finger, it stays put.  Its kinda cool.  Why is drinking always so fun, yet oh so dangerous..?

Gonna go watch The X-Files today.  Hope its not as disappointing as the internets says it is.  I probably won't do a one-sentence movie review if it bombs. 

I put together a list of funny links over the past week.  Hope you enjoy them.
Cloverfield in a nutshell.
Soul Calibur IV, underwear version!
Man gets arrested for doing someone else's job.
I wonder if this is what Japanese women really think?
Silent Hill / Night at the Roxbury parody (must watch)

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