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The most ridiculous commercial I’ve ever seen

If you don't know about "The World of Golden Eggs", I highly recommend you watch that show. Because this commercial is all up in that…yeahhhhhhh (lol). Just crazy random humor everywhere!

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What’s the first thing a Japanese woman would do if she was a dude? Well…

An interesting survey popped up a few days ago, detailing the answers Japanese women gave to this question.  The results are as follows:

  • 30.1% of women agreed that the first thing they would do is look at their nether regions.
  • 25.4% of women would get into a fist fight.
  • 21.2% of women would hit on other women.

These were the top three results of the survey, and the results are just…mind boggling.  I'm not certain on the exact amount of samples overall, but if this is any indication on the "hidden desires" of women, it's pretty funny (and ironic) that the top 30 percent would do the exact same thing men would do. 

Granted, men aren't in the poll but I can't imagine any male that I know of who wouldn't do that.  I mean seriously.  Not that I would do it.  I'm as pure as snow.

I should note that this survey was taken on Nico Douga.  Whether they used random samples based on the answers given during the application process or through messaging via Nico Nico's popular chat tool is important to note, seeing how simple it is to fake a gender online.  The question itself originated from a show on Nico Douga called "Girl's Talk", which prompted the question to it's viewers.

The fourth place answer was kind of funny as well; about 12% answered they would go into a porn shop.  Women don't normally go into porn stores? 

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Dante on ramen in Japan

So Electronic Arts, the guys porting over Dante's Inferno overseas to Japan has this wonderful plan.  I can see it how it all happened…

Executive A: "Hey guys, we need some kind of promotion gimmick to sell our game to Japan!"

Executive B: "Whoa, yeah, good idea dood!"

Executive A: "What kind of things do you think about when you think Japan?"

Executive C: "Pokemon?"

Executive A: "We can't use that!  Idiot!  We need something that ain't copyrighted!"

Executive B: "How about a bar with drinks and food themed after it?"

Executive A: "Hell no, Squenix already stole that idea!  We need something new and Japanesey!"

Executive D: "Hey doods, is it lunchtime yet?  I'm itchin' for some ramen yo!"

Executive A: "Smith, that's BRILLIANT!!!1"

With their genius plan laid out before them, EA traveled to the land of the rising sun with one goal in mind: ramen.  And guess who the lucky recipient was?  A Mongolian restaurant called Tanmen Nakamoto.

Why this particular ramen store?  Well dear friends, the answer is because this particular store's ramen special reminded EA of the seven layers of hell.  That's why.

What say you, Dante?

Thanks Dante.  Nice tan you got there by the way!

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The difference between Japan and America


Saw this the other day while I was browsing.  Is google Japan turning into the next yahoo?  Or is this what industry trends in Japan prefer?  Sometimes I wonder what google has in mind overseas…

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Windows 7 + Burger King = WHOAMGS

I would've expected something this crazy to go in America, the land of all things big!  Burger King's website is throwing a promotion that's only in Japan.  If you look real close, you can see one…two…seven hamburger patties!  SEVEN!  All for 777 yen, what a steal!  That's like, 111 yen per patty! 

Additionally, someone reported on 2ch that Warner Bros studios bought the IP address for a possible Gintama film.  No word on whether it will be related to the popular manga (please God, say it ain't so!), but from the looks of it Hollywood is definitely researching and planning a sweep of anime related franchises in the future…

Be on the lookout.  Anime is getting big.

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We are all going to die

1/1 Real Scale GUNDAM 首振りとミスト

Holy crap, it MOVES!  If you listen closely, you can hear missles and bombs going off in the background — unbelievable!  I said it before and I'll say it again, robots are going to take over the world, starting with Japan!  This will be the death of us all!

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April Fools Day is here again (well, in Japan actually) and that means..!

I love how every year more and more anime companies and websites celebrate practical jokes all over the web in unison.  Nico Douga was pretty cool last year when they reversed the comments the other direction, saying that if you type in "@ピザ" as a comment, someone would deliver a pizza to your doorstep.  That was pretty clever.

This year they introduced a new "High Speed" player that…makes your comments zip by at quick speeds!

On, a news headline appeared requesting submissions for a live action Evangelion Drama project!  Everybody should get on there and vote up Michael Cera to play Shinji, heh…that'd be a riot.  Or what about Rick Astley for the opening theme!?

Evangelion Live Action Drama Planning (lol)
All comments on NicoDou are super fast for some reason!

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